Brexit Leaders Claim to Debanked Just Like Nigel Farage

The “Bad Boys of Brexit” who helped finance  Nigel Farage’s Leave campaign claim that their bank accounts have been closed.

The move has negatively impacted  Arron Banks, an  insurance tycoon, his colleague Andy Wigmore and Richard Tice, the leader of the Reform UK party. All of them claim that financial giants are leading a regime of “political ethnic cleansing”.

Towards the end of July, Dame Alison Rose was compelled to resign as chief executive of NatWest, the parent bank of Coutts, after she falsely told the BBC that Farage had had his account shut down for financial reasons. In reality, his account was closed due to his political views.

Banks was the co-founder of Farage’s Leave.EU campaign in 2015. He claimed Barclays had shut down his accounts due to his support for Brexit. He said this happened a bit after Banks and Wigmore met up with former President Donald Trump in Washington in 2018.

The two men have been investigated in the UK for their alleged role in facilitating Russian interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum to leave the EU.

Banks asserted that the  accounts used by his ex-wife and other family members, which includes one account held by his brother’s law firm, had also been impacted.

Wigmore claimed he was on holiday in 2022 when his NatWest accounts and the accounts of his wife and children were frozen. He declared: “Howard Davies [the NatWest chairman] and Alison Rose seem to have presided over a regime of political ethnic cleansing. Had I not had some very good friends to help me, my family would have been absolutely screwed.”

Tice claimed Metro bank shut down Reform’s business account in 2021. In 2022, he stated, the financial technology company Tide shut down his consultancy business’s account. “This is a defining moment — you are now seeing the revenge of the right against the woke,” he stated.

There is a concerted effort in the Collective West to shut down dissent whether it’s through direct legislative means or through the private sector. The latter case is becoming more prevalent in the Anglosphere, which has stronger governmental projections with respect to free speech. In turn, the political class will rely on the private sector to carry out its unholy agenda. 

For that reason, right-wing nationalist governments should do everything possible to limit corporate power that works against the national interests and infringes on people’s rights. 

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