Brian Krassenstein Breaks Promise to Delete Account After Mueller Declines to Indict Donald Trump Jr.

A leading #Resistance progressive and Twitter personality is shamelessly backing out of a pledge he made to delete his Twitter account if Robert Mueller failed to indict Donald Trump Jr. for supposed collusion with the Russian government in the 2016 election.

Brian Krassenstein is known for left-wing commentary and his frequent viral responses to President Trump’s tweets. In September of 2018, he boldly predicted that Donald Trump Jr was going to be indicted in a tweet responding to the President- stating he’d delete his account if he turned out to be wrong. 

Upon concluding the probe into supposed Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has announced that no further indictments related to the matter will be issued. This information has likely been publicly released in order to stamp out further misinformation and false speculation. Cable news organizations such as MSNBC and individuals such as Krassenstein and his brother had made wide-reaching claims about upcoming prosecutions related to the probe- claims now concretely disproven.

When confronted on his promise Krassenstein sought to weasel out of his pledge, claiming he was talking about an old America Online account when making the wager.

As much as the general public would be relieved to see the clickbait-progressive take a step back from online political discourse, it appears he won’t be taking a bow out in accordance with his own promise anytime soon.

Stay tuned for further self-owns from the sensationalist liberal in the coming months and years.

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