Britain Denies Asylum to Iranian Christian Refugee Because ‘Christianity Is Not Peaceful’

Britain continues its slide toward totalitarianism as the globalists in charge allow more Muslims to flood into the country. A recent decision by British authorities to deny asylum to a Christian refugee from Iran shows exactly how backwards the once proud nation has become.

British authorities rejected the unnamed individual’s request in an defamatory, offensive repudiation of Christianity, essentially endorsing the cruel tyranny facing the man in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The bureaucrats cherry-picked several passages of the Bible in order to denigrate the religion.

“These examples are inconsistent with your claim that you converted to Christianity after discovering it is a ‘peaceful’ religion, as opposed to Islam which contains violence, rage and revenge,” the British Home Office wrote to the man in their letter.

Nathan Stevens, who works as a caseworker for the asylum seeker, posted excerpts from the rejection letter in a tweet:

“Whatever your views on faith, how can a government official arbitrarily pick bits out of a holy book and then use them to trash someone’s heartfelt reason for coming to a personal decision to follow another faith?” Stevens asked in another tweet.

Legal analyst Conor James McKinney, a left-wing activist who runs the pro-migrant blog Free Movement, believes this isn’t an example of anti-Christian bias but rather is evidence that even more refugees need to be resettled throughout Britain with fewer restrictions and lax oversight.

“You can see from the text of the letter that the writer is trying to pick holes in the asylum seeker’s account of their conversion to Christianity and using the Bible verses as a tool to do that,” McKinney said to The Guardian.

“The Home Office is notorious for coming up with any reason they can to refuse asylum and this looks like a particularly creative example, but not necessarily a systemic outbreak of anti-Christian sentiment in the department,” he added.

Contrary to McKinney’s points, the numbers show that Muslims do not seem to have much of a problem obtaining asylum in Britain. Pew Research estimates that the Islamic population of Britain is expected to swell to 13 million in 2050 from a little over 4 million in 2016. Mohammad has emerged as the most popular name for babies born in Britain for many years now.

With the Conservative Party unwilling to stand up to the third-world onslaught, Britain is no longer a nation that can provide refuge to a Christian from Muslim tyranny.

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