British Government Pressured Social Media Companies to Snoop On Wuhan Virus Content

A report titled “Ministry of Truth: The Secretive Government Units Spying On Your Speech” exposed the insidious ways the British government snooped on content that was skeptical of the prevailing narrative on the Wuhan virus pandemic. This report showed how the government tracked political dissent on social and traditional media. 

The government’s actions was justified under the banner of fighting “misinformation” 

Big Brother Watch, the watchdog organization that exposed the British government’s surveillance schemes, found about the British government’s perfidy through their interactions with whistleblower accounts and Freedom of Information Act submissions. 

According to the report, four units functioned as the government’s social media “special forces,” each with its own specialized tasks.

One of these units was tasked with putting on pressure on news outlets perceived to be challenging Wuhan measures, or those who published stories that were perceived to encourage less compliance with Wuhan virus measures.

The Cabinet Office’s Rapid Response Unit (RRU) published weekly reports on several issues, which includes “Vaccine Hesitancy” when that became a major topic of discussion in 2021. The tweet engagement numbers that Wuhan virus vaccine and lockdown skeptics enjoyed spurred the Cabinet Office to carry out “the systemic monitoring of individuals who are critical of government policies in what was a controversial policy area.”

On top of that, responses to several Freedom of Information Act questions pointed to the RRU conflating “opposition to coercion with vaccine hesitancy,” per the Big Brother Watch report.

The struggle for freedom is global in nature. The fact is that the Anglosphere finds itself in a very poor state in terms of personal and economic freedoms — a trend that has been set in motion over the past century. 

It’s going to take a massive political awakening among citizens of the Anglosphere to restore the freedoms they once enjoyed. As some of the historically freest polities on the planet, English-speaking countries have clearly slipped up in the last century largely due to the advent of central banking, never-ending bureaucratic growth, and expansive foreign policies. 

To say that the Anglosphere has its work cut out for it as far as restoring freedoms is concerned, would be a major understatement.

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