British Hotel Guests Horrified As Afghan Refugees Destroy Elevators, Ruin Atmosphere

The Grand Hotel at Scarborough.

Converting multi-star hotels into refugee holding centers at taxpayer expense has been an increasingly popular pastime of European governments that seem to care infinitely more about foreigners than their own taxpaying citizens. But at the very least, these hotels have usually been completely converted, meaning that regular guests would be shut out from booking a room, saving them from the cultural enrichment that inevitably comes from resettling unassimilated people from terrorist hotspots. The British, however, seem bent on outdoing themselves.

According to Summit News, British vacation-goers at the Grand Hotel at the formerly picturesque destination of Scarborough were thoroughly shocked to find it transformed into a holding center for Afghan refugees. What made the shock more the worse was the fact that they were never given so much as a notice from the hotel on what to mentally prepare for.

The British government booked the top three floors of this hotel at the popular seaside resort town to house about 150 Afghan refugees, quite often whole families with children. Apparently, many of these refugees seem to lack a basic understanding of courtesy and cleanliness because a good number of paying hotel guests have expressed their grievances on TripAdvisor regarding how their vacation was ruined by their presence.

Some paying guests recalled some of the refugee children dipping their bare hands into the food trays at the self-serve buffet. Others who were disabled and had to stay near an elevator recalled how only one working elevator remained as a result of refugee children pressing the emergency call button to the point where the elevator short-circuited and was out of service.

To make matters worse, many paying guests also recalled how they were treated by the hotel staff when they expressed their misgivings to the front desk. Many recall being called racist when they complained about the unacceptable conditions of the hotel as a result of the refugees. One customer even recalled asking a hotel staff who called them racist whether they were allowed to have a say, to which the staff replied with a resounding negative.

Cultural enrichment so beneficial that it needs to be kept a secret.

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