British Man Who Flew ‘White Lives Matter’ Banner Loses His Job But Will Not Be Charged Criminally

British authorities have confirmed that there will be no charges filed against a man who flew a “White Lives Matter” banner above a sporting event.

Chief Superintendent Russ Procter announced that “there are no criminal offences that have been disclosed at this time.”

“Today Lancashire Constabulary has been in liaison with Greater Manchester Police, the Aviation Authority and the Crown Prosecution Service regards the ‘White Lives Matter’ banner that was flown over the Etihad Stadium last night,” he wrote in a statement.

“After assessing all the information available surrounding this incident we have concluded that there are no criminal offences that have been disclosed at this time,” he added.

The man who flew the banner has been identified as Jake Hepple, and he has refused to back down after flying the banner over the soccer game. However, his employer did fire him – showing that freedom of expression comes with a major cost these days.

“I’m not racist. I know people are trying to make out to be one but I’m not. I’ve got lots of black and Asian friends and this banner was actually inspired by the Black Lives Movement,” Hepple told the Daily Mail.

“We were not trying to offend the movement or black people. I believe that it’s also important to acknowledge that white lives matter too. That’s all we were trying to say,” he added.

Hepple’s girlfriend Megan Rambadt was also fired from her job at Solace Foot Health and Reflexology because of social media posts deemed objectionable. They confirmed that they terminated her at the behest of the digital lynch mob.

“It was brought to our attention that one of our employees has been publicly posting and tweeting comments of an abhorrently racist nature,” they wrote.

“It came as quite a shock to us as the lady in question has never shown, insinuated or acted in any way that would suggest she could have such feelings and beliefs… We would like to thank the person who brought these comments to our attention and assure you that we will deal with this situation internally,” they added.

Solace attempted to coerce Rambadt to attend social justice re-education in order to keep her job, but she would apparently not comply with the ridiculous and Orwellian demands.

“Earlier we posted a statement saying we were willing to try and help Megan by paying for Intensive Racial Sensitivity training despite knowing that Solace’s reputation would come into question,” they wrote.

“After several conversations with Megan tonight however we have all decided that what is best for Megan and best for Solace is to end her employment with immediate effect,” they added.

The new regime of diversity and multiculturalism in the West has no respect for freedom of speech, as third-world values are introduced to civilized society.