British Parents are Outraged Over Vegan Diets Imposed on Their Children at Nurseries

The Daily Mail reported that parents are upset with a British nursery’s decision to introduce a 100 percent vegan menu for all of the children.

Jigsaw Day Nurseries in Chester plans on introducing the new menu on January, which would remove meat, fish, eggs and dairy products and set up a full-fledged plant-based diet for its 260 children, who are 0-4 years of age.

Parents criticized this move claiming that the decision was made without being informed from the outset. Some of the parents argued that the nurseries are “imposing a lifestyle choice” which “discriminates” against children who eat meat.

Staff at the two nurseries plan to offer lentil-based “’Shepherdless Pie”, coconut rice pudding desserts, and serve cereal with soy or oat milk.

The founder of the nurseries, Claire Taylor, defended this move which she believes was “’made with the children and the planet’s future in mind.”

One of the mothers, who has a three-year-old daughter enrolled at Jigsaw Curzon House Nursery and remained anonymous, stated: “Just to enforce it on us without any say isn’t right – they shouldn’t be making these decisions on my behalf.”

She added, “If my daughter wants to be a vegan when she’s older then that’s fine but I’ll have that conversation with her myself.”

Additionally, another parent, who remained anonymous, stated: “To impose a lifestyle choice on these children before they can make their own mind up is plain wrong. If anything, it discriminates against those kids who enjoy a diet of meat and fish. To ban them from eating meat is outrageous. It’s simply not their decision to make.”

On the other hand, other parents have praised the move on social media and encouraged other nurseries to follow in Jigsaw Curzon House Nursery’s footsteps.

Natalie Stevens posted on Facebook: “It’s like saying you don’t want your children to be educated in what will save our planet. Vegan or not, this is an incredibly healthy sounding menu and I am thrilled our son will be eating this kind of food.”

Rebecca Louise Cusato gave her two cents: “If parents want their children to eat meat they can at home for Dinner. We are not supposed to consume meat in every meal as humans anyway. It’s an economically friendly diet, that involves no animal abuse or unsustainable sources. I just think some people need to be more educated on the word Vegan and what unsustainable sources are doing to the environment.”

Dieting is another front of the political correctness wars.

Bashing the consumption of meat has become a fad among climate change activists and other factions of the Left.

Many believe that meat consumption contributes to global warming.

To solve this, several political candidates have offered the idea of taxing meat.

If they can’t get legislative means of curbing meat consumption, the Left will gladly try to shame meat eaters in private institutions like Jigsaw Curzon House Nursery and impose their dietary standards in private institutions.

Even mundane actives such as eating habits, are not exempt from the left’s busybody activism.

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