British Right-Wing Leader Convicted of Terrorism for Refusing Invasive Phone Search at Airport

British First leader Paul Golding has been found guilty of terrorism charges because he refused to comply with an invasive cell phone search at an airport last year.

Golding was detained in October 2018 at Heathrow Airport after he returned home from a trip to Moscow. He was hassled by security personnel and ordered to surrender his PIN number to authorities. After he refused to comply with the request, he was accused of being a terrorist and promptly charged.

Golding maintained his innocence, but was ultimately convicted of the offense in Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on Wednesday. His official offense was willfully refusing to comply with a duty in Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act. He received a suspended sentence of nine months in prison as well as fines of £750 and an additional £21 surcharge.

PC Rory O’Connor, the officer who hassled Golding while he was in the airport, said Schedule 7 allows him to “speak to people in order to make a determination of whether they are or have been concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.” Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot made it clear that there was no need for authorities to establish “reasonable suspicion” in making the search, making it clear that British citizens have no rights in the diverse and multicultural United Kingdom.

While British authorities go out of their way to harass and imprison patriots, they allow Muslim child rapists to go free due to concerns about political correctness:

An investigation has indicated that dozens of teenage girls believed to be victims of Muslim grooming gangs in Britain were allowed to be abused because law enforcement believed an investigation would be racist.

A shocking probe has shown that the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and the city council refused to continue their investigation because of “many sensitive community issues” they had to deal with. They felt that investigating the identities of the alleged rapists, who are now being called “Asian” by the dishonest fake news of Britain, would lead to rage.

“Concerns were expressed about the risk of proactive tactics or the incitement of racial hatred,” states the 145-page independent review.

“The authorities knew that many [victims] were being subjected to the most profound abuse and exploitation but did not protect them from the perpetrators. This is a depressingly familiar picture and has been seen in many other towns and cities across the country,” the review adds.

The probe was conducted by former Cambridgeshire Police detective Gary Ridgway and childcare expert Malcolm Newsam. They focused on Operation Augusta, which was formed in 2004 following the brutal death of 15-year-old rape victim Victoria Agoglia, who died of a likely drug overdose.

Operation Augusta identified at least 57 victims, primarily white girls aged 12 to 16, and 97 potential perpetrators suspected of being involved in the rape gang activity.

However, GMP denied Operation Augusta of the resources the program needed to provide justice to these teenage rape victims. As a result, there were only three convictions related to the abuse, and Operation Augusta was eventually shut down completely.

GMP reportedly got cold feet after dealing with separate cases related to the Kurdish community that had stoked tensions. Because they didn’t want the bad public relations from targeting another minority group, they reportedly allowed the girls to be raped by foreigners instead. Isn’t diversity grand?

The report makes it clear that “very few of the relevant perpetrators were brought to justice and neither were their activities disrupted.”

Britain is headed toward societal collapse and the nation’s policies as the model for what countries throughout the West ought to avoid cultural genocide.

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