British Soccer Team Bans Fans for Booing Players Over Black Lives Matter Kneeling

Members of Cambridge United and Colchester had kneeled before a match earlier this month, showing their deference to the Black Lives Matter riot and terror movement. Members of the English football teams see it as their place to opine on the American criminal justice system.

Members of the diminished crowd booed the political lecture, rejecting the implementation of BLM propaganda from the other side of the Atlantic into a football match. In response, Cambridge United club president Ian Mather was quick to mandate punishments for the offenders. Some of those who opposed the left-wing gesture will be required to attend mandatory reeducation sessions, and others are banned from Cambridge United’s stadium until the end of the season.

‘The Club can confirm it has taken action with respect to a very small number of fans after the Colchester United game in light of their behavior when players took the knee,” announced Mather in response to inquiries.

Diversity and inclusion will continue to be at the heart of what we stand for as a football club and we will be making no further comment about the incident.

Colchester United’s draconian punishment of its own fans is even more severe than what left-wing sports franchises in America impose, with fans booing a moment of silence devoted to the BLM movement at a Kansas City Chiefs game earlier this year. At that instance, thousands of fans rejected the left-wing display, making it all but impossible for the Chiefs to punish then.

Sports in America once served as a uniting cultural practice, but such traditions have proved impossible in a society now largely defined by cultural, ethnic and racial discord. Black Lives Matter hasn’t proved as impactful in other English-speaking nations such as Britain- a largely homogeneous country- but the progressive cultural elite has increasingly sought to implement its ideals as a state religion, comparable to their practice in the United States.

Liberal race-based ideology has evolved into a mandatory global religion, and blaspheming its sacred rituals is not to be tolerated.

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