British Voodoo Nurse Convicted of Using ‘Black Magic’ to Enslave Five Women

A British nurse has been convicted and sentenced after using “black magic” to manipulate five women into traveling from Nigeria to Europe, and forcing them into sex slavery upon arrival.

According to the South China Morning Post, Josephine Iyamu, 51, known as “Madame Sandra,” was found guilty on charges of modern slavery and perverting the course of justice after developing an elaborate trafficking scheme that began with voodoo ceremonies in West Africa.

“Iyamu exploited five vulnerable women by promising them a better life in Europe,” said Andy Young of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). “Instead she treated the women like property,”

The women were forced to participate in “juju” rituals performed by a black magic priest, which Imayu and the traffickers believed would stop the victims from running away or speaking to the police. As part of the rituals, victims were forced to eat chicken hearts, drink human blood with worms in it, and had black powder rubbed in their open wounds.

After the “juju” rituals were performed, Imayu would charge the women $44,000 to be transported to Europe. When they arrived, they would be forced to work in brothels to repay the debt.

“With zero regard for their safety and well being, she (Iyamu) sent them via dangerous routes to Germany and forced them to work in brothels to fund her own lifestyle,” said National Crime Agency (NCA) operations manager Kay Mellor. The NCA is a British law enforcement agency that deals with organized crime.

Imayu was arrested in London in August when a German brothel owner tipped off police. She formerly lived lavishly in London, often travelled around Europe, and owned a mansion with servant’s quarters in Nigeria.

Imayu was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

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