British Woman Celebrates Marriage Ceremony to Herself, as Feminism and Narcissism Collide

Melissa Denton, a 42-year-old British woman with two failed marriages and two children from broken homes, decided to marry herself recently and is encouraging other women to participate in similar ceremonies.

She even wrote an op/ed in The Guardian celebrating her narcissistic display of self-indulgence as a showing of female empowerment.

“The idea to marry myself came to me in January last year, when I was at work one day,” Denton wrote.

Of course, her decision came after her boyfriend dumped her via text message saying: “I can’t do this any more, it’s over.” Her distraught nature caused her to cope with this stunt.

“It was devastating and left me in a funk, unable to eat, sleep or smile,” she wrote. “My ex used to say to me: ‘You can get married, darling, but it won’t be to me.’ It suddenly struck me that he was right. I could get married – to myself.”

Denton noted that, although it is technically illegal to marry herself, she became interested in a non-official ceremony after hearing about so-called ‘sologamy’ on a TV program. She believes her narcissistic display will help her self-growth.

“For years, I had poured myself into relationship after relationship, losing myself in the process. It was time to put ‘me’ first – a way to affirm that I can be happy on my own and to move on from the relationship,” she wrote.

She talked about her history of engaging in impulsive behavior, demonstrating a possible mental illness.

“My colleagues, sitting next to me, were the first to know of my plans,” Denton wrote of when she made the self-marriage announcement. “They, like most people, thought I was a bit mad, but they also know me for being impulsive and committing to an idea when I have one.”

“A few years ago, for example, I shaved my head to raise money for a cancer charity because a friend had ovarian cancer. More recently, I dyed my hair pink and got a nose ring,” she added.

The wedding ultimately cost £4,000 and an astounding 130 individuals showed up to help Denton manifest her delusion.

“It was the best day of my life.” she wrote.

Denton is encouraging other people to participate in their own celebration of narcissism and extols to the world what an incredible decision she made.

“Being Mrs Denton has taught me to be happy in my own company and skin, to not put pressure on myself to look or act in a certain way. Confidence is the most attractive thing a person can have and the marriage has given me that,” she wrote.

“My marriage to myself might not have come with a wedding night or honeymoon, but the plans for the future are far more exciting,” Denton added.

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