Broadway Producer Ben Sprecher Nailed on Child Pornography Charges

A major figure in the New York City stage production community has been arrested for downloading and sharing child pornography.

Ben Sprecher was arrested by a team of Homeland Security and NYPD officers on Tuesday morning. The federal government is accusing him of amassing a considerable collection of sick child pornography images on an external hard drive, including lengthy videos of children being raped.

Court documents filed by law enforcement claim that Sprecher admits to repeated trafficking in child porn. He’s said to have sent files of children being violated to undercover law enforcement agents.

Police seized Sprecher’s hard drive during the arrest, inventorying the machine as evidence of the producer’s criminal conduct.

A U.S Attorney prosecuting the case maintains that Sprecher has “engaged in this conduct over a lengthy period of time. It’s not a one-of.

Sprecher has been credited as a producer in plays such as “Brighton Beach Memoirs” and “American Buffalo.” He’s been nominated for the Tony Awards, a major awards show for plays.

In a sick twist, Sprecher’s neighbors have recounted the Broadway producer asking them to sign a petition of sorts in order to access higher-quality internet. It’s very possible the deviant was hoping to enhance his abilities to compile twisted filth.

Sprecher was released from government custody after posting a $100,000 bond. He declined statement to the press upon leaving a Manhattan courthouse.

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