Brooklyn Judge Orders Firearm Company to Stop Selling Device Because it Allegedly Transforms Rifles Into Machine Guns

Early in February, a federal judge in Brooklyn ordered a firearm company to halt its sales of a device that prosecutors claim can turn rifles into machine guns. 

The company in question, Rare Breed Triggers, has sold over 80,000 “forced reset triggers” nationwide, which includes Long Island and New York City, per court documents. These accessories allow rifles to fire multiple rounds more rapidly.

The judge’s decision in this case came as a response to a lawsuit that the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York filed in January. The lawsuit aims to halt the manufacturing and sale of the device, which allows individuals to fire multiple rounds with a single trigger pull.

Due to the gridlocked nature of Congress, Gun Control Inc. has turned to lawsuits against companies that produce and sell accessories such as forced reset triggers. In other cases, they target blue states to pass anti-gun legislation.  

“It’s important to signal to the industry that there are laws, there are rules, and it’s important that the industry follow the rules,” stated Adams Skaggs with Giffords Law Center, which calls for federal gun control legislation. “This is not an industry that can operate above the law, even though a lot of actors within the industry tend to act as though they are above the law.”

Samantha Max of Gothamist noted that prosecutors believe that forced reset triggers violate federal laws such as the 

National Firearms Act of 1934 and Gun Control Act of 1968, which classify machine guns as weapons that let individuals “shoot automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.” In March 2022, the US Department of Justice sent a letter to all federally licensed firearms (FFLs) dealers telling them that it would include forced reset triggers in its list of accessories that are classified as machine guns, thereby making them illegal nationally.

The owners of Rare Breed Triggers are not in agreement with the federal government. Per the US attorney’s lawsuit, the company kept selling these accessories even after the ATF ordered the company to stop selling the triggers .

The lawsuit accused Rare Breed Triggers of engaging in wire and mail fraud. It also accused the company of trying to conceal information from the government by setting up a “byzantine corporate structure.” It claimed Rare Breed Triggers evaded paying tens of millions of dollars in taxes. On top of that, the company is accused of misleading customers and mislabeling packages so that the Post Office wouldn’t be aware they were shipping illegal devices. Rare Breeds Triggers is also blamed for failing to register its technology with the federal government, as the law mandates.  

The company argues that it’s operating within the confines of the law. Per the lawsuit, Rare Breed Triggers has raked in roughly $29 million in revenue. Currently, the company is banned from selling its forced reset triggers. Rare Breed Triggers’ online order pages now have a message: “Due to the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by a federal court in the Eastern District of New York on January 25, 2023, these items are unavailable until further notice.”

The company’s current legal ordeal represents the new strategy the gun control crowd is using to undermine the right to bear arms. Namely, through an endless barrage of lawsuits. The purpose here is to bankrupt as many firearm companies as possible, in order to potentially deprive millions of gun owners of firearms self-defense. 

In light of this development, red states should do everything possible to defend firearms manufacturers from these lawsuits. Moreover, firearms manufacturers need to start moving to red states where they can actually stay afloat.

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