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Black Lives Matter

Brooklyn Lawyers Charged for Throwing Molotov Cocktails at Cops at Black Lives Matter Riot Get Sweet Plea Deal

Black and brown privilege at work.



Two Brooklyn attorneys who faced life in prison for allegedly tossing a molotov cocktail at a New York Police Department (NYPD) vehicle during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) riot have received sweet plea deals from authorities.

Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, were arrested after Rahman allegedly made a molotov cocktail out of a Bud Light bottle and hurled it at a police van. Thankfully, nobody was hurt by the terrorist act. Mattis served as her getaway driver, according to authorities.

In addition, Rahman was seen holding the homemade bomb in her van, according to surveillance footage found at the scene. Mattis and Rahman could have faced anywhere from between 5 years in prison to life behind bars if they were convicted of these crimes. As a result of the plea deal, they may walk without any real repercussion and be able to join future BLM revolutionary terror displays.

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They claimed they should not be made to abide by the law because they only damaged property and not people, and prosecutors seem to be buying their rationale.

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“What I saw was targeting a property. No property is above a human life. Destruction of property is nothing compared to the murder of a human life,” Rahman said.

She defended terrorism as being necessary to promote her extremist left-wing political agenda.

“I understand why people are doing it. It’s a way to show their pain, their anger. I think the mayor should have pulled his police department back, the way that the mayor in Minneapolis did,” Rahman said. 

“I think that the mayor should have done that because if he really cared about his police officers, he should have realized that it’s not worth them getting hurt. ‘This is the way people show their anger and frustration. Nothing else works,” she added.

Big League Politics has reported on the about-face performed by Minneapolis after city council voted to disband the police and crime spiked upward as a result:

The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously on Friday to grant additional funds to the police department. $6.4 million, to be exact.

The Minneapolis Police Department had requested additional funds from the city, claiming that they have only 638 officers available for duty, which is approximately 28 percent fewer than usual. According to a CBS Minnesota article from November 2019, the department usually has 888 officers on the force.

Following the death of George Floyd, possibly the worst rioting any city has seen since Los Angeles in 1992, and calls from city officials to dismantle the police department, a significant number of Minneapolis officers have resigned, retired, or went on medical leave. All this has led to skyrocketing violent crime and longer response times.

Big League Politics has previously reported on the many Minneapolis residents who felt “terrorized” by criminals and lamented a virtually nil police presence.

These two reprobates receiving plea deals is more proof that diversity does not make America stronger. Multiculturalism means the rule of law will be replaced with the rule of the jungle, and the mob thuggery of 2020 was just the beginning.

Black Lives Matter

New Yorkers Protest ‘White Supremacy’ Over Rising Trend of Black-on-Asian Violence

A civilizational death cult of liberal stupidity.



Left-wing New Yorkers lined the streets on Sunday to protest “white supremacy” as a rash of black-on-asian violence sweeps through the city.

Even though it is black individuals who are overwhelmingly perpetrating the rash of anti-Asian violence, these leftists still blame “white supremacy” because their cult’s dogma takes precedence over logic, reason, rationality and objective truth.

Video of the protest can be seen here:

Many Twitter users pointed out the stupidity of these leftists who are facilitating the destruction of their own nation and civilization due to their levels of idiocy.

Even though the Left complains about white people and demonizes them with a religious fervor, America is under the regime of multiculturalism, and the people are tasting the fruits of that system right now.

Big League Politics has reported on the national surge in crime since the rise of the Black Lives Matter revolutionary marxist terror movement in summer 2020:

While virtually every American knows the name of deceased serial felon George Floyd, dead drug ring suspect Breonna Taylor, and the crippled accused rapist Jacob Blake, very few know the name of Roman Sweeney, the innocent four-year-old child who was brutally murdered by a black thug this week.

In Struthers, Oh. on Mon., Sept. 21, Sweeney’s life was extinguished senselessly. The alleged shooter, 24-year-old Kimonie Devante Bryant, has been described as a “young, light-skinned, black male.”

The black thug reportedly went into a home on the 100 block of Perry Street in Struthers. He shot two men, one received two slugs in the head while another was blasted two times in the back. Two women were also shot by the savage in their lower extremities. The adults all have survived the attack for the time being, but Sweeney was not so lucky. He died in his mother’s arms as she cried incessantly for her poor son…

The Nationalist Review has noted that CNN, the Washington Post, HuffPo, and the New York Times have ignored the story because white lives simply don’t matter to the fake news media. In their view, an innocent child’s life is worth less than common street trash if the kid happens to be white.

Big League Politics reported on the case of five-year old Cannon Hinnant last month, another white child whose life was snuffed out because of black terror.

Sadly, with the public inclined to ignore the reality of the racially-charged attacks on Asians, it’s unlikely that the “knockout game” style thuggery will be put to an end.

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