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Sex Crime

Brutal Connecticut Child Murderer Undergoing Gender Transition in Prison

Hayes was originally lined up for the death penalty. Now he’s getting hormone treatment at taxpayer expense.



Steven Hayes sexually assaulted and brutally strangled a Connecticut mother in 2007 before leaving her young daughters to burn alive, while carrying out a home invasion. He was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty, before the state abolished the punishment, leaving him with life imprisonment.

Now, the murderer whose acts were so heinous they attracted international attention is receiving hormone treatment therapy in prison.

In a quote that simply leaves one flabbergasted at the utter ridiculousness of providing Hayes a state-funded gender transition, he slammed prison staff who were unaccepting of his lifestyle change. Hayes was speaking on a podcast interview, calling in from the prison phone.

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There’s a lot of problems with the presentation as a female. A lot of people accept it, but this facility here, you have a lot of racists and bigots on staff and they’re not happy with it. There’s two of us here that are feminine.”

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Hayes claims to have suffered from gender dysphoria since the age of 16, self-identifying as transgender.

Hayes is currently housed at the Greene state prison in Pennsylvania, being transferred there through an agreement between Connecticut and the state. A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections told the New York Times that the state does not pay for gender transition surgeries, but does spend up to $5,582 a year on transgender inmates who wish to receive hormones for gender dysphoria.

Hayes’ murders were some of the most brutal and heinous to take place in the history of the United States. Even some of the most fervent opponents of the death penalty would be hard-pressed to deny that putting a bullet through his brain wouldn’t be unjust.

Such a heartless murderer has no legitimate claim to receive completely unnecessary medication for their well-deserved life in prison.


Sex Crime

Lincoln Project Removes Founder John Weaver From Website Following Grooming, Abuse, Rape Accusations

Sweeping the filth under the rug.



The Lincoln Project has erased any mention of its founder, John Weaver, from its official website, following mass allegations of grooming, sexual harassment and one allegation of rape earlier this week.

Weaver has been accused of grooming and sexually harassing several young men, who appear to be in the age range of 19 to 26.

Weaver’s biography page has been promptly removed from the Lincoln Project’s website.

Neither the neoconservative group or Weaver himself have addressed the allegations, which have been attested to several college-age men. Populist commentator Ryan Girdusky broke the news of allegations against Weaver earlier this week. Girdusky appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingraham  on Wednesday, with many speculating that the neocon group had to have known that Weaver was engaged in pervasive improper sexual conduct with young men.

Weaver had earlier established himself as a prominent Russiagate conspiracy theorist, only to go on and accept a lucrative lobbying contract from a Russian state-owned nuclear energy company. In doing so, Weaver registered as a foreign agent of the Russian government.

With mainstream media refusing to hold the alleged predator accountable and the cabal of middle-aged has-beens determined to sweep the accusations under the rug, it remains to be seen if Weaver will able to conveniently ignore the grooming, harassment and rape allegations.

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