Buckingham Palace Protest Targets Epstein Pal Prince Andrew: “End Sex Trafficking”

A protest emerged at Buckingham Palace in London over the weekend, with demonstrators targeting the UK’s Prince Andrew over his longtime association with child sex trafficker and American oligarch Jeffrey Epstein.

Demonstrators unfurled “End Sex Trafficking” banners, “A Pedophile Lives Here” placards, and chanted the word “pedophile” at the luxurious palace’s gates.


One longtime Epstein victim, Virginia Giuffre, has accused Andrew of having sex with her when she was 17 years old. Andrew denies the allegations. He associated with Epstein and the oligarch’s ‘madame’ Ghislane Maxwell for decades, even after the billionaire was convicted of engaging in child prostitution in 2008.

It’s relatively unprecedented for demonstrations to occur at the royal residence. The UK monarchy is a broadly popular institution in the country.

Prince Andrew was forced to implicitly resign from the UK royal family following a disastrous interview which he tried to explain away his association with Epstein, offering no more justification for a 2010 visit to Epstein in New York than saying that the billionaire’s residence was a “convenient place to stay.”

It’s a a stretch to call the Epstein associate a pedophile, considering he’s only accused of engaging in sex with a 17-year old girl. However, that sort of contact with a minor, nonetheless one who is trafficked by the likes of Epstein(who was been accused of a persistent track record of pedophilic sex crimes), is most definitely a sex offense.

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