BUG OFF: New York Post Publishes Puff Piece For Worm ‘Burgers’

Convincing the masses to accept eating bugs has become a passion project of the mainstream media and liberal elites.

Every so often they release a new story about the benefits of bugs as a replacement for protein, or how consuming them will be beneficial for the environment.

In the latest installment of this saga, The New York Post released a story about worm “burgers” and how they could lead to a solution for world hunger.

Per The Post:

The slimy creatures known as mealworms, just like their name suggests, can be turned into grub. South Korean scientists have cooked mealworms, or beetle larvae, along with sugar to create “meat” — and they claim it tastes authentic.

Dr. Hee Cho, who is the project leader from Wonkwang University, said the following about this new glorified progressive trend: “Recently, eating insects has become of interest because of the increasing cost of animal protein, as well as the associated environmental issues.”

“Insects are a nutritious and healthy food source with high amounts of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and high-quality protein — which is like that of meat,” Cho added.

Equating bugs to meat is not new. As there have been numerous examples in recent months about why more people ought to eat insects.

On top of that, we’re told these insect alternatives are way better. And even celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Nicole Kidman, and Kim Kardashian have joined in on the action.



The “cricket replacing meat” concern that many Americans are starting to have is panning out to be valid by the day, as snack foods are now being made with insects (often without consumer knowledge) as a primary ingredient.

For example, a Canadian food brand called ActuallyFoods lists Organic Cricket Flour as one of its ingredients. 

Canada also recently announced that it has completed its construction of the world’s largest cricket production facility.

As Edward Snowden warned on Twitter: “You’re gonna eat the crickets.”

Some say that crickets and other insects are being prepared for the public to consume due to food shortages.  Which may or may not be planned.

This outpour of stories promoting insects as an alternative for meat proteins has Americans rightfully connecting the dots. 

Seeing that the steady push to try and normalize the concept is intentional. Not to mention right in our faces. 

The corporate press is not being as sneaky as they think they are.

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