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Burgess Owens: The NFL, the flag & the globalists



A little less than 18 years ago, the former president of ABC News David Westin made a decision that prior American media leaders would have considered unthinkable. Our nation had days before experienced an attack on its homeland killing over 3,000 of our fellow countrymen and women.

As an overnight response, Americans of all political persuasions began to fly the American flag.

I would surmise that not since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor has such an organic display of patriotism by the American people been seen on every government building and seemingly every home and car antenna.

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Contrary to the reaction of the rest of the nation Westin, within days of 9/11, chose a strategy of “neutrality” stating, “When you’re reporting the news, you should be reporting the news; not taking a position.” With concerns that their global audience might perceive them as too American, too “nationalistic” ABC news adopted a policy that their anchors and journalists would not wear the American Flag on their lapel.

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Years later when asked his no American flag stance, Westin was quoted, “I believe to this day that it was the right decision.”

In 2007, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama made a decision that every other candidate, post 9/11, would have considered unthinkable. He stopped wearing the American Flag on his lapel stating that he would no longer wear an American flag lapel pin, because it had become a substitute for “true patriotism.”

During the 2017 NFL season, dozens of NFL athletes made a decision that generations of NFL players prior would have considered unthinkable. They kneeled, sat, stretched, raised their fist or stayed in the locker room while our Flag, culture and the sacrifice of countless millions were being reverenced.

The NFL leadership chose a “no action” policy emboldening their employees’ anti-Flag protest. Interestingly, the NBA leadership, with 80 percent of its players Black and sharing the same Social Justice sentiments, made clear in their pre-season statements that these actions would not be tolerated on their court.

The NFL anti-Flag protest has been very fluid in its purpose, from its beginning. The initial kneeler, Colin Kaepernick, stated: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Ironically, this is the same oppressed Black American who received a guaranteed $12 million salary that season to throw a football. It is the same Black American who had not prior to kneeling shown any initiative of pulling his fellow millionaires peers together to serve his community and find solutions for the decades of misery found there. He had also not found the time or interest to vote at anytime in his life.

Staff Sgt. Christopher Lucas, a recruiter with Recruiting Station Denver, takes a photo with Rob Gronkowski, a tight end for the New England Patriots, during the Military Appreciation Game at the Sports Authority Stadium in Denver Nov. 12, 2017. The goal of the Salute to Service campaign is to fund programs and provide resources that positively impact veterans and active duty military members and their families. Since 2011, the NFL has raised more than $17 million for its military non-profit partners, to include the Pat Tillman Foundation, USO, TAPS and Wounded Warrior Project. The NFL also raised $1,795,255 on a 2017 donation campaign on Twitter. (Courtesy)

After witnessing during the Presidential campaign the demands, violence and divisiveness of Social Justice warriors like Black Lives Matter, (i.e. urban rioting, flag burning, police assassination and “Pigs in a Blanket, fry ’em like bacon” anti-police demonstrations), the NFL decided against neutrality and instead…to go all in.

The NFL has concluded that social injustice issues can only be resolved by transferring wealth from rich white owners to rich Black players, instead of demanding the players own financial “skin in the game.”

According to one of the negotiating players, Eric Reid, the NFL buy off will come from funds previously directed to breast cancer awareness and veterans “Salute to Service.”

Close to $90 million was donated by the NFL, approximately $20 million to Dream Corps, a “social justice accelerator” organization run by a self-avowed Marxist, Van Jones. $40 million would go to a brand new non-profit organization overseen part-time by inexperienced millionaire athletes.

The NFL denied military veterans a “Please Stand” Super Bowl advertisement, because it was deemed “too political”. Interestingly before the kneeler teams had been eliminated, NBC had committed to show each demonstrator and highlight their grievances during the singing of the National Anthem.

Apparently, the NFL deemed the Players’ anti-flag political advertisement as acceptable “political speech.”

The latest “shooting itself in the foot” decision by this industry is the NFL Players Association’s nominee for the “Player of the Year” who best symbolizes the contribution to his community.

One of the nominees is former NFL player, Colin Kaepernick. For decades winners of this award, including Reggie White and Walter Payton, have been selected due to their unselfish acts that have brought Americans together. Never, prior to this year, has there been a nominee who has so successfully divided America at its core due to his disdain for our country, flag and law enforcement.

A question that would be appropriate to ask at this time, Commissioner Goodell, who represents the fan base that the NFL is now committed to?

NBC will be broadcasting the NFL’s 2018 Super Bowl game in 180 countries and 25 different languages worldwide. The Commissioner has openly discussed the idea of holding a future Super Bowl game in London. Is it possible that the NFL leaders and owners view their organization through the same eyes as the globalist president of ABC News, David Westin and former President Obama?

Do they share the same globalist view of prioritizing increasing their value in the international market by changing the NFL’s Brand to one that is more attractive…. “global neutral” or anti-American? This vision would explain the “in your face” arrogance that permeates from the NFL Commissioner and why losing over 23 millions American viewers from one playoff season to the next doesn’t seem to phase him.

The NFL owners recently renewed his contract for $200 million, $3.5 million a year with growth incentives up to $50 million a year.

Hmmmm….if we were to follow the money trail, this appears like a vision of a “global neutral” NFL. How best to grow globally than to accommodate the anti-American, Socialist/Marxist call of Social Justice and simultaneously mitigate the loss of millions of disgruntled American NFL fans with the replacement of millions more from England, Mexico and other foreign markets.

This brings to my mind an age-old adage: “Pride comes before the Fall”


Rep. Paul Gosar, Steve King, and Michelle Malkin Among Speakers at America First Political Action Conference

Nick Fuentes and Vincent James also gave speeches at the conference Friday night.



The second annual America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) took place Friday night in Orlando, Florida, the same city where CPAC has been holding its own conference.

The speakers at AFPAC included political commentator Vincent James, reporter Jon Miller, bestselling author and columnist Michelle Malkin, former congressman Steve King, sitting congressman Rep. Paul Gosar, and political commentator and activist Nick Fuentes.

AFPAC is a conference specifically for the dissident wing of conservative politics known as the America First movement. The movement held its first political action conference last year in Washington DC as an invitation only event, but this year’s event opened to the public and sold tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

After a brief introduction by Nick Fuentes, who organized the event through his newly established America First Foundation, Vincent James gave the first speech of the conference. James is the founder of the conservative news site The Red Elephants and produces video commentary on hot-button political issues. The theme of his speech was loyalty and betrayal, and so it focused not just on the Republican establishment’s behavior after the 2020 election, but also the establishment’s betrayal on a whole host of political, social, and cultural issues. They may talk a big game to win elections, but they never deliver in the clutch.

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Over the years the Republican Party has been pushed further and further left on all of the issues they were supposed to represent us on,” James said. “The Republican Party today is a party that wants the foreign policy of John Bolton, the immigration policy of Alex Nowrasteh, the trade policies of Paul Krugman, and the cultural policies of Rob Smith.”

Next up was Jon Miller, formerly of BlazeTV. Describing his confusion over how police cruisers seemed to be ushering his airplane on the tarmac after landing in Orlando, Miller lamented that it’s emblematic of the current state of the country, namely that American nationalists have to worry about soft totalitarian intimidation and crackdowns for their political beliefs.

He also blasted the Black Lives Matter movement and their globalist puppet masters for seeking to tear the fabric of America in the name of “racial justice.”

What we are witnessing is the most successful effort to destroy America, our history, our culture. Our legends are being destroyed, our history is being demythologized, our icons are being demolished,” Miller said.

The evening’s third speaker was Michelle Malkin. Continuing the tradition of building her major political speeches on a work of poetry, Malkin on this occasion chose William Ernest Henley’s poem “Invictus.” Per usual she delivered a fiery speech that pulled no punches. She tore into globalist “conservatives” like Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, lobbyists and organizers of CPAC, and she ridiculed the recent attempts by the GOP establishment to coopt the term “America First.”

The real America First movement, Malkin said, is a “coalition of integrity” that will endure continued growing pains, dissent, and disloyalty. They have to “stick together like glue” and respond to adversity like Stoics. And if they do, she said, the America First movement will be “unconquerable.”

Following Malkin were the in-house congressmen: Steve King, former US representative from Iowa, and Paul Gosar, current US representative from Arizona. In his historically-themed speech, King said that the heritage of the Mosaic law, Greek philosophy, and Roman government combine to form a tripartite foundation of Western Civilization. He referred to early America as a petri dish of Christians who implicitly brought over from Europe this tripartite foundation.

But, King said, there is a broad effort underway to dismantle Western Civilization. In his criticism of the woke left and BLM, he asserted that the price for past injustices—namely slavery—has already been paid through the blood of the Civil War, hence the folly of race-based reparations and of thinking that there are still historical wrongs that need to be righted.

In his speech Rep. Paul Gosar mentioned how President Trump signed into law seven of his bills, making him one of the most effective members of Congress, and he credits his success to putting his constituents and his country first. He also stated that the US’ generous immigration system and accommodation of Big Tech have been abused and are no longer working in the interests of the American people. He believes the Republican Party can run and win on an America First agenda—and that it desperately needs to.

The choice is clear: America First or American decline,” Gosar said.

Last but not least on the speaker list was Nick Fuentes. After receiving a standing ovation, he remarked that he prepared a seven-page speech but ultimately decided to scrap it and “talk from the heart,” just like he does on his aptly-titled show “America First.”

Fuentes said he was inspired by Trump’s use of the “America First” slogan in 2016 since it perfectly encapsulated the principles Trump was running on, hence the name of his show and the current political movement. Tearing into Conservative Inc., he said that there’s now a full-on national battle between the GOP establishment and authentic right-wing populists. But, he added, the establishment can and will prop up people pretending to be America First populists but who won’t govern like them. Fuentes called that a deeper and more insidious threat than outright hostility from the ruling class.

In order to properly be America First, one must define “America” before anything else, and Fuentes argued that America is a “particular people and a particular place, forged by shared experiences, descended from an English cultural framework, and influenced by European civilization.”

America is therefore also Christian in character. “Jesus Christ is the Son of God and this is one nation under that God,” he said, warning that if America loses its sense of common experience, its English and European influences, and its Christian faith, it will simply cease to be America.

So what it ultimately means to put America first is to put the American people and the American way of life first. “[America First] means the well-being and the interests and the good of flesh and blood American people in this place first. Every time, always, before everything else, and not one single exception,” Fuentes said.

All of the speeches from AFPAC II can be watched in their entirety below:

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