BUSTED: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wore “Brownface” in Party Pictures from 2001

The Prime Minister of Canada appeared at a party in 2001 dressed in racially suggestive “brownface.”

Justin Trudeau is an elite ultra-liberal known for politically correct politics and accusing his political opposition of being racist.

Trudeau appeared in the brownface costume at a party in 2001, at an ‘Arabian Nights’ themed party. At the time, he was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy. Canada’s Liberal Party admitted that Trudeau was featured in the picture after Time Magazine published the old photo.

Trudeau appears to be clothed as some sort of Arabian genie, decked out in brown face paint and an extravagant Middle Eastern-themed costume one might expect to see in a real-life version of ‘Aladdin.’

At the time, political correctness was a relatively new innovation in Canadian and American society. No one really would have questioned the appropriateness of his costume. But such an expose today has the chance to topple Trudeau from his place as Canadian Prime Minister.

It’ll be hard to see how the former party boy plans on wriggling out of a controversy that will leave many Canadians screaming ‘hypocrisy.’ Trudeau was also accused of groping a female journalist at a music festival in 2000, just a year before he wore the strange Arabian costume.

Trudeau also became a topic of mockery when he wore an elaborate Hindu-style costume during a state visit to India in 2018. Many Indians found his festive getup patronizing and ridiculous.

Trudeau’s costume isn’t entirely unlike the racist blackface costume worn by current Virginia Governor Ralph Northam in a college yearbook. Big League Politics exposed the photo of Northam wearing blackface in a manner intended to mock African Americans.

Trudeau apparently plans on addressing the photo Wednesday evening, having been taken by storm in controversy after the racist photo emerged this morning.

He’ll have to face the press and admit the ultra-politically correct and liberal politics he’s championed have been nothing but a cruel lie, meant to figuratively mask him in a aura of moral superiority.


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