BUSTED: Chinese Government Claims it Caught CIA Spook Working for Military Company

Chinese authorities claimed that they have arrested a worker from a military industrial group for allegedly engaging in espionage. Additionally, the Chinese government claims that this individual person received money from the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

China’s Ministry of State Security announced this development on August 11, 2023 Friday in an official post to WeChat. The detained suspect was identified as “Zeng.” Per the statement, Zeng allegedly passed military secrets to the CIA. For exchanging these secrets, Zeng received “large sums of money”. 

“The Chinese spy agency said that Zeng, 52, was sent to Italy by his employer but met with an official with the U.S. Embassy who turned out to be a CIA agent,” the Associated Press reported, referring to the ministry statement.

The military industrial group Zeng where was employed reportedly granted him access to important classified information. The statement detailed how while he studied in Italy, the employee forged friendly relations with a US embassy official, who was actually a CIA asset. 

The two built a “close relationship” at social functions in Italy, which includes attending dinner parties together. On top of that, the Chinese statement observed that once he returned to China, Zeng met with CIA personnel on multiple occasions, and ended up supplying “a large amount of core intelligence” with respect to China’s military.

The CIA offered no comments. The intelligence agency doesn’t usually issue statements when alleged CIA assets or spooks are apprehended by foreign governments. 

The timing of China’s alleged spy arrest is rather curious. There is speculation that this announcement was likely an attempt to respond to previous Defense Department announcements of two US Navy sailors being charged for sending sensitive military information to Chinese intelligence services. 

The 22-year-old Jinchao Wei was arrested on charges connected to espionage, specifically conspiracy to supply national defense information to Chinese officials. He served aboard the San Diego-based USS Essex, an amphibious assault vessel which is known to carry out missions in the Pacific region and Southeast Asia.

In another similar case, 26-year old Wenhen Zhao was charged over allegedly sending sensitive US military videos and photos to Chinese intelligence. The DOJ revealed the timeframe for the alleged acts of espionage taking place between August 2021 through May 20223. The two sailors, above all Zhao, allegedly supplied material exposing classified information connected to massive US Navy exercises in the Indo-Pacific region.

Such spy scandals demonstrate that the US and China are clearly in a cold war against each other. US elites are beginning the pivot to Asia in earnest. This move is designed to contain China. 

And it could get nasty. Indeed, there are reasons to be critical of China, especially for the way it uses immigration to conduct espionage and build a fifth column within the US and also engage in dubious trade practices. However, that can be sorted out through the passage of immigration restriction legislation and fully decoupling economically from China. 

There’s no need for war here. Unfortunately, we have a ruling class dominated by neoconservative and neoliberal interventionists, so the likelihood of war breaking out is still high. 

Now, more than ever, we need a full-blown overthrow of this ruling class so that it can be replaced by America First nationalists who will usher in an era of peace abroad and order in the domestic sphere.

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