BUSTED: Judge Gives Eric Greitens Access to Ex-Wife’s Phone Records Following RINO Smear Job

Associate Circuit Judge Leslie Schneider has granted former Missouri governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens access to phone call logs and text messages of his ex-wife, Sheena, after she accused him of child abuse.

Greitens has stated that his ex-wife Sheena is conspiring with Bush hack Karl Rove and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in an attempt to destroy his political career. He has already offered proof that she is misrepresenting the facts, and he now has a golden opportunity to prove the existence of this dastardly RINO plot to torpedo his political comeback.

“Based on overwhelming evidence that the Governor’s ex-wife was untruthful in her statements and the children’s medical/dental records showing no abuse occurred, the judge has granted the legal team complete access to her phone records,” Greitens’ campaign manager Dylan Johnson told Big League Politics

“We expect that the facts will show, sadly, that  she coordinated with Mitch McConnell’s lieutenants and Karl Rove to peddle these false allegations. Ultimately, we look forward to gaining access to their records as well,” he added.

Dental records and email transcripts obtained by Big League Politics show that Sheena was being deceptive in her allegations of child abuse against her ex-husband, as her story has changed drastically from what she stated years ago:

Big League Politics has obtained dental records and emails written by Sheena Greitens proving that child abuse allegations against Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens are politically motivated.

Sheena Greitens has accused her ex-husband of child abuse at a time in which Eric Greitens is being exonerated from a previous railroading initiated by his Democrat opponents, who have been sanctioned and convicted of mishandling evidence to set up Greitens and drive him out as Missouri Governor in 2018. These documents show that another conspiracy is afoot in an attempt to thwart Greitens’ political comeback.

Documents from the Columbia Dentistry For Children in May 2020 show that Greitens’ child Joshua aggravated his upper lip while playing, which resulted in a bump above his tooth that looked like a canker sore. After the bump became infected began draining, Joshua was prescribed an antibiotic and the tooth was extracted a week later without any complications. Sheena reported no abuse throughout the routine process.

In an email addressed from Sheena to Eric Greitens on June 2020, Sheena complained about her son’s ear infection and nagged Eric for taking his son swimming in a lake. She described Joshua getting the tooth infection from “roughhousing,” not from any abuse from his father. Pictures provided to Big League Politics additionally show that damage to Joshua’s tooth and gums was incredibly minor and barely visible.

In another email addressed to Eric, Sheena noted that both of their children, Joshua and Jacob, attested that Jacob was hit by a teenager in a park which resulted in a bruise to the face. Sheena expressed her concerns that the children “may need to be supervised more closely to ensure their safety” because “it seems like the boys are playing too rough.” This was Sheena’s story before she was allegedly approached by Karl Rove and other RINO political operatives.

Additionally, Sheena filed an affidavit in 2020 during her divorce proceedings with Eric swearing that “no material fact” about the welfare of her children went unreported. She did not include any information about her husband committing any abuse against herself or their children. Since meeting with Rove’s operatives, she has signed an affidavit attesting the exact opposite of what she stated in 2020. This contradiction shows that Sheena may be committing perjury as part of a plot to undermine her ex-husband’s political career and destroy his reputation.

The conspiracy against Greitens is quickly unraveling. He is demonstrating through his unwillingness to back down how the America First movement will prevail against its craven and despicable enemies.

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