BUSTED: Man Who Allegedly Purchased Rifle for Democrat Dayton Murderer Charged

On Friday, August 9, 2019, federal officials arrested a 24-year-old man after he allegedly bought the rifle that the Dayton, Ohio murderer used to carry out his atrocity on August 3.

WHIO reported that Ethan Kollie bought the rifle parts and then aided the Dayton assailant assemble them. In addition, Kollie hid the firearms and accessories for the Dayton murderer according to reports.

So far, the FBI has not found proof that Kollie knew that the Dayton murderer was planning to carry out the attack.

Further, FBI and ATF agents found marijuana accessories in Kollie’s house, which violated federal background check laws. This law requires prospective gun buyers to check “no” on the background check Form 4473 when asked about drug use. The complaint against Kollie said, “When asked why he lied, Kollie stated he knew that if he told the truth about his drug use, he would not be allowed to purchase a firearm, so he lied and answered ‘no.”

According to an Associated Press report, police stated that the Dayton gunman had nothing in his history that would have barred him from buying the gun and accessories himself. Kollie purchased the rifle parts and hid them so that the gunman’s parents could never find out that he had access to firearms.


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