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BUYING DEMOCRACY: Mike Bloomberg Plans to Double Ad Budget Following Iowa Caucus Disaster

This is big money in politics at its worst.



Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is doubling the advertising budget for his presidential campaign, sensing a path for him to buy the Democrat presidential nomination amidst the chaos of the Iowa caucus disaster that still has not yielded a definitive winner.

The fake news media is already declaring that Bloomberg has “emerged triumphant from the chaotic Iowa caucuses before the results were even reported — and he never even set foot in the state.”

Politico reporters Sally Goldenberg and Christopher Cadelago surmised that Bloomberg “couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in his unconventional bid to become the nominee of a party he only re-joined in 2018.”

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“Yesterday I hear something happened in Iowa. Or didn’t happen. I don’t know which,” Bloomberg told a Detroit audience on Tuesday afternoon.

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Bloomberg’s campaign announced on Tuesday that they intend to double the size of their national campaign of advertisements, which already has cost an astronomical $315 million. His campaign, which already employs 2,100 field staff, will be growing exponentially as well.

“Things are going well. That’s when you want to put more money in,” Bloomberg said to Politico on Tuesday.

He intends to focus mainly on Trump rather than pick on one Democrat running for president, believing he is the man with the right pedigree to defeat the president in a head-to-head matchup.

“I’ve said the same thing about all of them so I don’t want to just pick on one,” Bloomberg said, looking ahead of internecine conflicts with his Democrat competitors. “I don’t think they’re tough enough to go against Trump.”

The mess at the Iowa caucus has also helped Bloomberg’s attacks on the state’s protected status. They want Iowa replaced with a battleground state with a more urban population so the nomination process can be more easily controlled.

“Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t really feel like a primary should be a board game,” Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey said to NBC’s Chuck Todd. “I’ve had better luck having my nephew explain Minecraft to me than to understand what’s going on in Iowa tonight.”

Political analysts are saying that Bloomberg’s gamble to completely ignore Iowa has paid off, and, paired with former Vice President Joe Biden’s likely dismal showing in the state, will boost his well-funded campaign aimed at moderates.

“They made a calculation that Iowa wouldn’t be as determinative or impactful as past nominating fights and turns out they were right beyond Sheekey’s wildest dreams,” said Neal Kwatra, a New York-based politican operative not affiliated with any presidential campaign. “Now instead of a week of earned media momentum, we are gonna have a week of Democrats in dysfunction.”

He added, “And the technocratic billionaire looking all competent and capable waiting in the wings looks even more appealing to skittish and restive Democrats.”

There’s only one problem for Bloomberg standing in the way of the billionaire buying the Democrat presidential nomination: the radical insurgency that has coalesced around Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ hardcore and growing contingent of socialists in the Democrat Party will never likely vote for Bloomberg, even if it means putting Trump back into office.

“We should be ashamed of that, as Americans, as people that believe in democracy, that the oligarchs—if you have more money, you can buy your way,” said Nina Turner, a national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign during a recent MSNBC appearance. She refused to back down from her statement.

“He is” an oligarch, Turner said when she was challenged by establishment Democrats. “He skipped Iowa. Iowans should be insulted. Buying his way into this race, period. The DNC changed the rules. They didn’t change it for Senator Harris. They wouldn’t change it for Senator Booker. They didn’t change it for Secretary Castro.”

Bloomberg may learn before the presidential race is over that his money can only take him so far.

Campaign 2020

Alabama U.S. Senate Hopeful Tommy Tuberville Ran Wall Street Hedge Fund That Fell Apart Due to Fraud

Tuberville’s incompetence led to a hedge fund going down in flames.



After posting a mediocre record at Auburn University as a football coach, fledgling Alabama U.S. Senate contender Tommy Tuberville failed miserably on Wall Street founding a hedge fund mired in fraud.

Tuberville partnered with former Lehman Brothers broker John David Stroud over a decade ago to form TS Capital Management and TS Capital Partners. The ventures ended up sinking amidst fraud allegations, which resulted in Stroud being sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Tuberville did not end up in jail, but his involvement in the project led to his own investors suing him. The investors accused him of being involved in the fraud and neglecting his fiduciary responsibility to protect their investments. Tuberville reached a private settlement with the investors in 2013.

On the campaign trail, Tuberville has downplayed his role the failed hedge fund, claiming dubiously that he was only “an investor like the rest of them.”

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“They sued me because I invested in it, and he used my name to get other people to put money in,” he said. “There was nothing ever implicated by anybody that I’d done anything wrong. I felt bad that he used my name.”

An examination of public court documents show that Tuberville is misrepresenting his role in the operation. Tuberville greeted potential investors and sold them on the venture, had business cards listing him as managing partner, and even leased his BMW and had health insurance provided through the business. Email records show that he was kept in the loop about the day-to-day operations of the company, including hiring.

Tuberville’s campaign chairman, Stan McDonald, noted that the candidate’s role in the hedge fund “was a big mistake, and he’s paid for it.”

“Coach Tuberville was as surprised as anyone to learn Stroud had lost all the money, including Coach’s. He never received a dime; it was a dead loss for him and his family,” Mr. McDonald said. “The Lord humbles us on many occasions, and this was such a moment for Coach.”

Overall, Tuberville lost $2 million from his Wall Street blunders. As is the case with many prospective politicians, Tuberville could not hack it in the private sector so he is attempting to get a government paycheck instead.

Big League Politics has reported on Tuberville’s campaign as he attempts to stop his “America First” opponent Jeff Sessions from reclaiming his Senate seat. Tuberville has been ducking Sessions, hoping to stay under the radar as he clings to a shrinking lead in the polls:

As the Republican primary runoff for nomination for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, football coach Tommy Tuberville is doubling down on a strategy of refusing to debate former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, leaving serious questions about his immigration policy positions unanswered.

Tuberville hopes to cruise to an easy victory on the basis of support from Donald Trump, who remains incensed at Sessions over a feud related to his former Attorney General’s recusal from Robert Mueller’s witch hunt Russia investigation. But Sessions has emphasized that the feud- now in the past- can’t be all that comes under consideration for Alabama’s Republican voters.

Tuberville steadfastly refuses to clarify some of his troubling statements related to immigration policy, including stating that the United States needs 400,000 Indian visa workers to provide labor for America’s corporations. Tuberville continues to rebuff attempts from Sessions to organize a debate to discuss actual policy before the July 14th runoff election, which will determine who will go on to face Democrat Doug Jones in November.

Sessions reiterated that Tuberville refuses to participate in a debate in a tweet responding to President Trump’s latest criticism of him, pointing out that Tuberville’s GOPe sympathies render him a suspect so-called supporter of the President’s ‘MAGA’ agenda.

In yet another demonstration of stark anachronism with Republican voters of today, Tuberville has even said that “we can’t worry about China” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

In stark contrast with Tuberville, Jeff Sessions has what is almost certainly the strongest conservative track record on immigration policy of any former Senator or congressman. He’s almost single-handedly derailed several amnesty attempts, and most recently led the charge in calling for a federal immigration moratorium in response to the coronavirus recession that President Trump has partially implemented.

The GOP runoff primary election between Tuberville and Sessions will take place on July 14. The winner will go on to face incumbent Doug Jones in the general election in November.

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