BuzzFeed Attempts Journalism, Gets Shellacked by Candace Owens

BuzzFeed, America’s favorite source for informative listicles like “26 Celebrities Straight People Never Knew Were Twinks,” has been trying it’s hand at journalism this week, and according to one prominent Republican figure it’s not going well.

“So @buzzfeed has spent the last week attempting to threaten current college students that I used to work with into giving statements about me. They told these young girls that if they didn’t give statements, they would print their names (effectively a threat to ruin their lives),” tweeted Candace Owens.

Owens has been a major player in the Republican/conservative movement for about two years, but garnered a great deal of attention recently after Kanye West showed his support for her, tweeting that he “loves the way [she] thinks.”

In response to her Tweet, resolute sleuth and author of the (upcoming?) BuzzFeed piece, Joe Bernstein, tweeted the following:

“Candace is referring to a story I’m working on, and the claims in this this tweet are completely false,” he said.

BuzzFeed also weighed in:

“This has now been retweeted by @DonaldJTrumpJr. In the normal course of reporting, @Bernstein has been reaching out to subjects for comment,” the entertainment blog said in response to Owens’ original piece. “Candace knows this but would rather mislead her followers by smearing a journalist for doing his job.”

Owens swung back, though.

“Buzzfeed now verifying that it is “their job” to threaten to publish names of private young women who refuse to give quotes about their political targets,” she tweeted. “Btw- these young girls are all liberals who voted for Hillary. I am trying to get them to come forward publicly about this.”

It seems that Owens has the goods to back up her statements, and BuzzFeed could never be mistaken as friendly to conservatives. It would not be surprising that they would go to any length necessary to slander Owens, who is becoming an instrumental asset to conservatives.

BuzzFeed is the outlet that published the still-unverified and salacious Steele Dossier, in which they slandered President Donald J. Trump, saying that he had paid Russian hookers to pee on him. Big League Politics also exclusively reported that BuzzFeed’s Director of Social Media used the company’s internal chat group to wish for Trump’s assassination. 

We will let our readers decide whom they think is telling the truth.

“For the record @BuzzFeed, you do not scare me. I will not submit to your version of what I should be as a black woman in this society, or else feel the whip of a political hit piece,” Owens said. “I am free & I choose to be a PROUD supporter of President Donald J. Trump.”



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