BuzzFeed CEO Unveils Plan To Investors For AI-Generated Content: ‘A New Frontier In Media’

What a time to be alive: with the rise of AI, mega corps like BuzzFeed and HuffPost are already signaling their interest in using the emerging tech in content creation.

During the company’s Investor Day on May 11, BuzzFeed Inc co-founder and CEO Jonah Peretti unveiled a new plan to use AI in its operations going forward.

Independent journalist Lee Fang broke the news on Twitter:

“We view AI as an exciting new creativity tool,” Peretti said last Thursday.

“One that humans can harness to open up new avenues for imagination, storytelling and entertainment and explore new premium product offerings that allow us to innovate and collaborate with our clients and partners on a new frontier in media,” he added.

“Over the next few years,” Peretti explained, “generative AI will replace the majority of static content, and audiences will begin to expect all content to be curated and dynamic with embedded intelligence.” 

AI has been praised by some and warned against by others for its ability to capture unique voices, captivating persona, and distinctive behavior far better than most initially anticipated. This can be seen especially within the latest apps and programs that have capitalized on spaces typically reserved for human creatives who make content. 

While some might have argued AI wouldn’t be usable in the creative realm because of its innate lack of a human element, some celebrities in the film industry have already weighed in on its immense power and capabilities. 

For instance, actor Tom Hanks said  he could die and his “performances can go on and on and on” thanks to the emergence of AI.

Other circulating examples of AI’s capabilities have frightened the public because of its impressive ability to carry out individual conversations and mimic real life people through algorithms that learn as they grow.

For example, a 23-year-old Snapchat influencer named Caryn Marjorie created a ChatGPT-powered AI doppelgänger of herself that is capable of engaging in erotic pillow talk with its customers.

Marjorie, who claims her AI sex bot will “cure loneliness,” bills her clientele $1 per minute. “CarynAI will always be there for you,” she claimed.

CarynAI already has more than 1,000 “boyfriends,” with whom it “spends anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours every day in individual conversations, discussing plans for the future, sharing intimate feelings and even engaging in sexually charged chats,” according to Fortune.

With AI seemingly becoming a paramount focus for major tech companies like BuzzFeed, it’s equally apparent that even Silicon Valley execs are beginning to lean into the new tech. 

This will undoubtedly affect content creators far greater and much faster than anyone would have imagined just a few years ago. With the biggest eye opener being the elitist push for more AI and less humans in industries such as content creation and storytelling.

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