Buzzfeed Leads Boycott Against Hannity, Sparking Counter-Boycott By Hannity Supporters

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Buzzfeed News’ activist campaign to intimidate Sean Hannity’s sponsors into dropping advertising on his show is sparking a counter-boycott of the companies that are dropping out.

Buzzfeed News “reporter” Mary Georgantopoulos has announced that she is reaching out to Hannity’s advertisers in response to Hannity asking questions about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich’s reported involvement in the Wikileaks release of DNC emails in 2016. Buzzfeed “reporter” Brianna Sacks is assisting in the effort.

Julian Assange has strongly suggested that Rich was the Wikileaks source, which Assange friend Kim Dotcom stated outright. Fox News reported that a federal investigator with knowledge of the case confirmed Rich’s contact with Wikileaks, but later pulled the story off its website amid pressure without actually refuting any of the claims in it.

Georgantopoulos launched her pressure campaign Wednesday. The “reporter” studied at Columbia University School of Journalism, according to her LinkedIn page. Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith did not immediately return an inquiry as to whether he sanctioned Georgantopoulos’ activism. But the site is publishing a running list by Georgantopoulos and Sacks of the advertisers that are getting snared.

Here are the companies that have dropped out so far, according to Buzzfeed:, Casper and Leesa Sleep, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Ring, and Peloton.

The effort comes in the same month that Big League Politics published screenshots of internal communications in which a Buzzfeed director wished for the assassination of Donald Trump and other Buzzfeeders appeared to agree with her.

Georgantopoulos has managed to report that some of Hannity’s advertisers are dropping support for Hannity. But her work is also sparking a counter-boycott among Deplorables to resist her stifling of free speech. Other Deplorables are similarly outraged by Georgantopoulos.

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