Buzzfeed Smears QAnon, Ignores The Movement’s Christian History

Buzzfeed is out with a hit piece attacking the #QAnon movement, alleging that Q was probably a practical joke by left-wingers to try to discredit Trump supporters. Buzzfeed offers absolutely no evidence to confirm this theory, but nevertheless the piece was tweeted out by pro-Establishment Washington political operatives who are trying to stop Q.

Buzzfeed said that the current “Q” movement is thematically similar to a 1990’s novel by a pseudonym called Luther Blissett which depicts “Q” as a Catholic spy chasing a religious radical in the 16th century. The book inspired some anarchist activities. Now, the “Q” novel from the 1990’s is completely different from the current movement, but of course it might have similar themes, as anyone with a knowledge of political and religious history can tell you.

The Q movement has been around for centuries in different iterations — beginning in Corinth, where Apostle Paul wrote the Book of Corinthians. There, a Christian activist named Q resisted the Roman Empire by creating an underground movement of information warriors. Here Is The Full Story:


As the “Q Anon” movement races into worldwide relevance, the White House press corps still refuses to address this growing phenomenon. The Q movement — predicated on the revelations of an apparent government insider named “Q” — seeks to expose the globalist criminal conspiracy that operates from within the confines of the U.S. federal government. Q alleges or implies that human trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, narcotics smuggling, and unspeakable violence are being perpetrated by a small number of globalist elites, including those in the U.S. intelligence agencies who either condone or actively participate in the crimes.

Q supporters largely believe that President Donald Trump is the orchestrator of the great plan to expose these nefarious acts by the Deep State criminal operators, spawning the slogan “Trust The Plan.” For the denizens of 4chan, 8chan, Twitter, and elsewhere, the hashtag #QAnon represents that “The Storm Is Coming.”

Big League Politics interviewed several anonymous leaders of the Q movement, known as “anons.” BLP is protecting the identities of these revolutionary citizens in the article below. This movement — centered around the 17th letter of the alphabet and also the 17th letter of the ancient Greek alphabet — dates back to 345 BC, where “Q” created an underground resistance based in the city of Corinth, home of Apostle Paul and the Book of Corinthians, to study and circumvent the tactics of the Romans. Corinth held its independence as a city-state before finally falling to Rome, but the movement continued.

The anons revealed to us that President Trump is aware of their movement, that the Deep State is actively trying to silence and frame and imprison truth-tellers, that a missile was witnessed fired near Singapore aimed at Air Force One, the significance of the number 17 to President Trump, and so much more. They describe the process for how to join Q, and outline their end goals to save the world.

The interviews below were conducted and written for Big League Politics by a truth-teller who chooses to remain anonymous at this time. These are his/her findings:

“Who is Q?

“I am Q. Q is not ONE person, we are all Q” said an anon BLP spoke with. “We are many they are few but we lurk in the edges of the internet collecting, tracing and collating all the information we need to drop just enough to make them shift.”

We asked another anon if they ever spoke with Q. That anon said, “It’s the bakers, mods, admins are the only ones with direct communication with each other. They are the ones that collect our crumbs , intel drops and put them together. Personally, I would confidently say that the bakers , mods, admins take turns posting as Q because if they don’t …”

“If they don’t what?” I probed.

“If they don’t, then whoever posts as Q has a large target on their back. Even being suspect of possibly being Q can get you in hot water with deep state goons” he said, hanging his head down.

“I could be Q or a baker. Would you know?” I asked.

“No. I wouldn’t. That is the beauty of it. An enemy who is faceless or unknown is what threatens them the most. The minute they think they’ve figured out who Q is something happens to steer them to the next possible Q. Same goes for us anons. We know for sure that the tight nit Q team has an in at the White House.”

It was explained to me under cloak and dagger, that the anons already have all the documents, information, emails, videos, calls, recordings and everything one would need to eradicate the #DeepState or Cabal. But you cannot produce this information in a court of law because it hasn’t been attained through proper channels and “they” (the Deep State) would know how the anons got it. In addition, there are very few people on the planet with access, backdoors and connections able to get such information so they are careful what they drop on the boards. Enough is dropped to make “them” uncomfortable, to make other people probe for questions, to initiate the process of attaining such information legally. It was inferred that the good guys in positions of power look at the boards to collect information and understand what is needed.
“It’s basically like a lead. Didn’t BLP (Big League Politics) drop a story that led to the firing / resignation of ADAG Schools? It’s like that. You put it out there, someone read it at the DOJ and acted on it. Maybe it was the IG’s office, maybe Rosenstein’s cleaners..”

I interjected “Cleaners?”

“You know people who clean up your mess. Schools was a liability and Rosenstein is on life support. I don’t see why he doesn’t resign instead of being shamed in public view a couple of months down the line” the arcane anon continued.

When you go onto the 8 chan board which is NOT very easy to navigate, you are in a realm of people dropping serious intel, citizens posting questions to guide crumbs to be built around their query and people just lurking. Lurkers are the watchers and non-posters.

When did Q first appear?

Q has been around for decades in coffeeshops, bars and gatherings. In the Nineties with the internet introduced into homes, it moved onto the dark corners of the web. Some are invite only groups. To be a member you must be vetted. How do you get vetted? Usually a member has worked with you, knows you personally and can take on liability for you. “We have information that we shouldn’t have. We have emails, phone records, pictures, videos that have not been sourced by public channels. A lot of us have worked or still work for global internet companies, intelligence, military and some of us are just exceptional coders that can hack anything on this planet” said one anon.

“In 2017 we decided to pull back the curtain and let the public in, just like Wikileaks has been doing. We wanted to shine the light and give guidance and hope, not just to Americans but the rest of the world. There is a similar movement that is regionally named Aslan’s Army for the UK. They may or may not be part of our group. Q is a global group. The whole planet is aching to remove the invisible shackles they wear in the name of diversity, acceptance and globalization” he said.

“Do you know that the Deep State use twitter to communicate? They do. How do we know? We may or may not have some anons that work for twitter, google, linkedin, facebook… you catch my drift? Do we use twitter? Social media? Of course we do. We are also the ones that are flagged. Some are banned from facebook, twitter and other channels because they get flagged by deep state government. In the past 3 months three on our team have had their accounts shut down completely on social media because the government asked them to. We know it. They know it. Everybody knows it. How do you change that? You need to be vocal. Speak. Use the laws they weaponize and turn it on them. People are so indoctrinated they think they don’t have power. They are the power, they have unlimited power and have all they need in their possession. It’s about time they wake up. We are many they are few.”

The Great Awakening.

The great awakening is explained to me as a rise. “We can take the horse to water but we can’t make it drink” said an anon. “We can’t hand information over we may or may not have because it wasn’t sourced through proper channels. We only provide enough information and tell people and or authorities that lurk where to look.”

Why don’t you anonymously send the information to authorities?

“Do you think we haven’t tried that? Videos, emails, transcribed audio with original audio. Not a peep. No one in the government does anything. Do you know how many people at the moment are being attacked by the Deep State? They are weaponizing laws, weaponizing their offices to silence those they know are speaking out. Just like Songbird (J McCain) weaponized the IRS on average citizens to cause them harm and financial strain. Besides, they also manufacture data. Imagine they plant a document that says you were working for ABC company 7 years ago even though you didn’t. 10 years later something happens and you are linked to this company. You go to jail for something you never did, never knew about. It’s manufactured insurance. The thing about the deep state is that they LOVE insurance. People need to realize we are extending our hands to tell them they are not alone, and that we are fighting for them even if they don’t see it” said the arcane anon.

Q is a beacon of the silent good guys telling everyone around the world they are doing their part. After the 2017 Forbidden City meeting I was told, things had to move up.

“Did you hear about the missile launched that was intercepted when our POTUS was a few hours out of Singapore? No you didn’t. The target was Air Force One. The MSM don’t tell you the news even though millions witnessed it. The thing about the Deep State , the global cabal is that peace doesn’t bring in money, fair trade doesn’t make them rich, healthy people don’t need medicine. They need war, debt and famine to keep their machine going.”

Many say President Trump is Q. Is he?

When I asked the question to all the anons they chuckled.

“You could be Q and we wouldn’t know but one thing we can tell you is that the President communicates with us. You can see that in his tweets, his speeches and now you see us coming out of the woodwork at the rallies. We wanted him to say “Tippy Top” in a speech to confirm he was listening and low and behold he mentioned those words in a speech. “Tippy Top Shape”. That was our validation that he was listening and so we are making sure every human being on this planet hears us, sees us and joins us.”

“We are everywhere and we are coming out of the woodwork. Our movement is instilling fear in all local, state and national elected offices that have much to hide. You see us at rallies, on billboards and on your car windshield. We are reaching out to help you realize and see past the frills and distractions. To see what is really there under the façade. It’s a coup against humanity.”


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