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CAL-EXODUS: Hollywood and LA Elitists Run for the Hills to Escape Looters, Drug Addicts and the Homeless

California is disintegrating.



The ultra rich liberals of Hollywood and Los Angeles are reaping what they have sown, as they deal with the inevitable endgame of the policies they have supported for years.

Venice Beach, which was once considered among the most beautiful places in the world, is now filled with tents for the homeless. Mentally ill drug addicts are regularly leaving syringes littered around the area, and the millionaires with beachfront property are escaping as a result.

‘There is a mass exodus from Hollywood,’ Danny O’Brien, owner of Watford Moving & Storage, told the Daily Mail. “And a lot of it is to do with politics.”

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“August has already set records and we are only halfway through the month,” he added. “People are getting out in droves. Last week I moved a prominent person in the music industry from a $6.5 million mansion above Sunset Boulevard to Nashville.”

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O’Brien, 58, has been a resident of Los Angeles for over three decades since moving to the U.S. from London. However, he is planning a move to Tennessee because of what is happening to the city due to liberal public policy.

“Liberal politics has destroyed this city,” he said. “The homeless encampments are legal and there’s nothing the police can do. White, affluent middle-class folk are getting out. People don’t feel safe any more.”

White flight is a predictable result of liberal insanity, and the riots that occurred following the death of serial felon drug addict George Floyd have only worsened the dire situation. Affluent individuals risk getting robbed or accosted by the dregs of society every time they leave the house. Criminals and deadbeats have been empowered, and law-abiding folks are suffering as a result.

Even Lou Ferrigno, who became famous training at the famous Gold’s Gym on Venice Beach in the 1970s alongside fellow bodybuilder and iconic movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, has vacated the city. The Incredible Hulk star has sold his LA mansion and moved a couple hours north to get away from the “dramatic decline” that the city is undergoing.

“One morning around 7am I opened the curtains in our beautiful Santa Monica home and looking up at me from our driveway were three gang members with tattoos on their faces sitting on our retaining wall. They were cat-calling me and being vulgar. I motioned I was going to call the police and they just laughed, flicking their tongues at me and showing me their guns,” said Lou’s wife, Carla.

“We put the house up for sale after 40 wonderful years and moved north. We feel lucky to have made it out. Now we are in a wonderful place and very happy,” Lou said.

Renee Taylor, an actress and an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, has also ditched Beverly Hills for the east coast to get away from all of the mayhem.

“I feel so sad for my friends left in Beverly Hills who had to suffer through looting and rioting,” Taylor said. “I got out just in time.”

Veteran publicist Ed Lozzi believes that COVID-19 was the final death blow that sent the already ailing city of Hollywood to its knees.

‘The city was changing before coronavirus brought us to our knees. The homeless problem has been escalating for years, exacerbated by weak politicians making bad decisions,” he said.

“Hollywood has always been the wokest of the woke, so politicians have done nothing to stop people sleeping on the streets. It’s not illegal and the weather’s nice, so they keep coming,” Lozzi continued. “There is insufficient housing, inadequate mental health care. Add in Covid and it’s a perfect storm.”

“When I first arrived in LA 40 years ago, the town smelled of orange blossoms. Now the streets stink of urine. There is a beautiful park in Westwood but you can’t go there because there are people slumped on the ground and you step on a carpet of needles,” he added.

Graffiti and twerking are now the only acceptable symbols of national pride in a diverse and multicultural America. If the Left is successful with their cultural transformation, every city will look like LA and Hollywood before long.

Violent Left

Bezos-Linked Thinktank Official Calls for Michael Anton’s Execution for Exposing Anti-Trump Color Revolution



A top official with the billionaire-backed Berggruen Institute has called for the kidnapping and execution of writer Michael Anton for exposing the color revolution coup that is taking place to oust President Donald Trump from office regardless of November’s voting results.

Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams highlighted the grotesque tweet made by Vice President of Programs Nils Gilman comparing Anton to French fascist sympathizer Robert Brasillach:

The Berggruen Institute has collaborated intently with the Washington Post in the past. The rag, owned by Amazon founder and technocratic globalist Jeff Bezos, worked with Berggruen on WorldPost, which later became Noema Magazine. They regularly publish pretentious drivel that virtually nobody reads.

Big League Politics has reported about the coup attempt that is in the works through the Soros-backed Transition Integrity Project:

A Soros-backed “election integrity” group is setting the stage for a revolution against President Donald Trump after November’s election.

The Transition Integrity Project, an organization featuring a bipartisan group of Trump haters, is claiming that President Donald Trump will cause violence if he disputes the upcoming election results. They are running simulations that they claim indicate that Trump and his supporters will create mayhem.

“All of our scenarios ended in both street-level violence and political impasse,” said Rosa Brooks, a professor of law and policy at Georgetown University, who set up the TIP. “The law is essentially … it’s almost helpless against a president who’s willing to ignore it,” she added.

Revolver noted that Brooks is an operative of George Soros with ties to his Open Society Institute going back decades. She served as Special Counsel to the President at the Open Society Institute in New York from 2006-07.

Brooks’ deep connections to Soros have helped her successfully navigate the ranks of the Washington D.C. elite. She was senior adviser to Assistant Secretary Harold Hongju Koh at the U.S. State Department. She taught at the University of Virginia School of Law before moving over to Georgetown. She is also on the Advisory Committee of National Security Action and the Steering Committee of the Leadership Council for Women in National Security. Her deep state bona fides are second to none.

Two of the Republicans who participated in Brooks’ study are neocons Bill Kristol and David Frum. They were the type of individuals tasked with war gaming as President Trump, the man who they have devoted their careers to opposing. Kristol is now funded by a Democrat oligarch and Frum continues to parrot Russian collusion lies to this very day.

“Our scenario exercises did not end in good places, but important to note that this does not mean that there is something inevitable about chaos and constitutional crisis in the coming months – just that these particular exercises suggest that these are real possibilities,” Brooks said about her study’s findings.

“The goal of the exercises was not to give people nightmares, but rather to identify possible inflection points to prevent or mitigate catastrophic outcomes to the 2020 presidential election,” she added.

Brooks hopes that policymakers act on the findings of her study, adding that “state governors, attorneys general, legislative leaders and secretaries of state need to think through these issues now, and understand the electoral system and relevant laws now, and not wait until Election Day to think about everything that could go wrong.”

Darren Beattie of Revolver has also exposed this dastardly plot by the left-wing fifth column that has implanted itself at the highest levels of government:

The far left is playing for keeps. If conservatives are not willing to do whatever is necessary to defeat this threat, America and Western Civilization will be no more.

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