CALI: Santa Cruz County Officials Order Indoor Mask Mandate in Private Homes for Thanksgiving


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As COVID-19 case totals spike throughout the highly-vaccinated state of California, one county has decided to issue an indoor mask order required for private homes just in time for Thanksgiving.

It was announced on Monday for Santa Cruz County that an indoor mask mandate would be instituted for Thanksgiving. The ABC 7 News report stated: “If you are getting together with others who don’t live in the same household the county says you should mask up regardless of vaccination status.”

A pediatric COVID-19 case spike is being reported as well, with 142,000 children testing positive over the past week. This is a 16 percent jump from the week before and a 41 percent jump that has occurred in the past three weeks. What the public health officials and media propagandists won’t mention is that children rarely exhibit any symptoms for COVID-19 and are not a threat to spread the virus to the greater public.

Big League Politics has reported on the Draconian restrictions that California residents have been forced to endure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic:

A California restaurant owner blocked in a public health bureaucrat with his truck earlier today after the government thug gave him a citation for operating his business against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s unconstitutional edicts.

The owner of the Breda & Barley restaurant in Covina, a suburb of Los Angeles, used his truck to block in a public health official who fined him for serving customers in an outdoor setting.

A viral video shows the restaurant owner telling a police officer about the situation.

“If we can’t work, he can’t work,” he said.

“When I go to the bank, do I tell the bank the health department said it’s okay? The health department said I don’t have to pay you. The health department said I can’t make a living… Is that what I tell the bank? What do I tell my employees?” the restaurant owner added…

Big League Politics has reported on the tyranny in California where left-wing bureaucrats have exploited media-generated pandemic hysteria to enact totalitarian social controls, prompting a backlash from constitutional sheriffs.

Left-wing government officials will never let the pandemic end, as it gives them the excuse they have always wanted to crush the unalienable rights of common Americans. California is the textbook example for this country’s Bolshevist transformation.


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