California Appeals Court Reinstates Ammunition Background Check Law

A California appeals court reinstated one of the state’s unique gun control laws on Saturday, which required background checks for the purchase of ammunition.

U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez had overturned the law last week, which required state background checks for the purchase of ammunition. The laws are the only of their kind in the United States, and often result in law-abiding patriots being denied the opportunity to purchase ammo because of an overloaded and faulty state background check system.

The restriction was removed from place following Benitez’s ruling, but the one-week taste of limited freedom California gun owners enjoyed wasn’t to last. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the state’s emergency motion to stay Benitez’s order, placing the convoluted ammunition laws back into effect.

The NRA had funded the court case to overturn the restrictions, and released a statement on the Circuit Court’s decision to keep the ammunition control law in place. “This means that the same restrictions that have been previously in effect regarding ammunition in California are back for the time being, pending further order from the court.”

When overturning the onerous restriction, Benitez had cited data that indicates the California background check system denies ammunition purchases to law abiding patriots up to 16% of the time. The state lacks the resources to concisely monitor and approve lawful ammunition purchases, but they don’t care if lawful gun owners are being denied the chance to exercise their rights.

Benitez had also overturned an element of the law that restricted the importation of ammunition from other states, citing California’s contravention of interstate commerce laws.

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