California Cities are Working to Indoctrinate the Public on the Benefits of “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders

As one of the most anti-gun states in the nation, California can always be counted on to pass legislation that undermines the right to bear arms. Occasionally, however, Americans’ residually strong pro-Second Amendment inclinations can stifle Gun Control Inc’s latest gun grab attempts. 

While California passed red flag gun confiscation orders in 2014, elected officials still believe the general public doesn’t fully understand the alleged benefits of such legislation. Red flag laws allow courts to confiscate firearms from individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others. 

Per researchers at University of California Davis, California residents don’t know much about red flag laws, which limits their effectiveness. Thus far, they believe that law enforcement agencies have not studied the laws well enough nor have they been sufficiently staffed to enforce said legislation. 

“Often in the aftermath of tragedies such as mass shootings, we hear about red flags displayed by the perpetrator that could have signaled an impending crisis or trauma,” California Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a statement at the end of January. “Criminal and civil orders that result in the removal of firearms are critical tools that can help save lives, but they are severely underutilized. When you have concerns that someone may pose a threat, we encourage you to act.”

San Francisco and San Diego are two Californian cities trying to streamline the use of red flag confiscation orders. 

“Red flag laws are an incredibly important tool,” stated San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu “In our first few years, we have removed firearms in several dozen highly dangerous circumstances.”

California, 19 other states, and the District of Columbia have red flag gun confiscation orders on the books. In addition to the courts, employers, law enforcement, family, household members, co-workers, and teachers can petition for the confiscation of an individual’s firearms if they are deemed a significant threat.

Per a 2021 study by UC Davis, roughly two-thirds of Californians polled have never heard of red flag gun confiscation orders. 

To make the enforcement of red flag gun confiscation orders more streamlined, the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office received city funding to bring a full-time staff member onboard to preside over gun confiscation order requests and assist in raising awareness and “capacity for follow-through on requests” per a report by KQED. Similarly, San Diego has assigned a team of roughly 8 attorneys and investigators to more efficiently enforce red flag gun confiscation orders. 

The fact that Californians don’t really know about red flag gun confiscation orders just shows how oligarchical this public policy is. Such measures are usually passed in the shadows, with little to no media coverage. It’s only grassroots pro-gun groups who raise awareness of such pernicious legislation. 

On top of that, increased funding to entities that will enforce red flag laws will just promote another big government grift that will result in more taxpayer money wasted and civil liberties destroyed. If there is anything that the public should know about red flag gun confiscation orders it’s that they are unconstitutional abominations that should never be passed.  

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