California Elementary Schools Named After Jefferson, Washington Will be Renamed in Cultural Cleanse

Two San Francisco-area elementary schools named after early Presidents and founding fathers of the United States George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will be renamed. The Berkeley Unified School District Board voted to rename Washington and Jefferson Elementary Schools last week, in a unanimous measure that also endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement.

The school board cited the early presidents’ ownership of slaves as the rationale for renaming the schools. In the resolution, the board also pledged to find and remove other statues and monuments commemorating early American history from school properties.

Leftists had earlier sought to rename the Jefferson Elementary School in 2005, failing to pass a measure in a referendum.

Both Washington and Jefferson, who served as the first and third Presidents of the United States respectively, were southerners who owned slaves, yet opposed the practice and institution of slavery. Both ensured that many of the slaves they owned during their lives were emancipated after their deaths.

It’s somewhat of a novelty for cultural leftists to target the founding fathers themselves, instead usually preferring to wage cancel campaigns to remove Confederate statues and memorabilia from society. The recent round of racial riots and cultural dictates from major corporations and the media elite appears to have loosened their inhibition, giving the leftists the gall to target the founding fathers of the United States themselves.

The resolution passed by the Berkeley School Board also will create a program designed for teachers to collect data on potential inequality in the school system. It’s unclear exactly what this program will entail.

In the seemingly omnipotent cultural Left’s all-encompassing vision of the ultimate, authoritarian “progressive” society, there is no United States. There is no American heritage, and there is no American people.

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