California Gestapo Subpoenas Protected Patient Information for Vaccine Skeptic Doctor

The crackdown against doctors willing to resist Big Pharma’s push toward mandatory inoculations continues to gain steam, as San Francisco has issued a subpoena for the personal patient information from a vaccine-skeptical doctor.

Dr Kenneth Stoller, a physician who specializes in hyperbaric medicine, is being forced to hand over redacted patient files as the local authorities hope to make an example of him and scare other people out of speaking their conscience on vaccines.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera believes that Stoller may have “violated state nuisance laws by providing medical exemptions for patients who didn’t qualify for them.”

Because of 42 reported instances of Measles in California, Herrera and other government officials in the state have seized upon the resulting hysteria, amplified by Big Pharma propaganda, to aggressively enforce new restrictions.

California destroyed the families’ right to choose in 2015 when they eliminated the ability for parents to object to vaccines for their children on a moral, philosophical, or other basis.

Now, only a religious exemption is allowed for vaccines, and Big Pharma-aligned physicians and politicians hope to chip away at that next. Dr. Stoller is the latest example being made by a state desperate to enforce so-called herd immunity.

“As a community, we have a responsibility to each other,” Herrera said in a statement. “There are children who have serious medical conditions that prevent them from getting vaccinated.”

California is making it clear that any doctor who follows their conscience and offers exemptions to concerned parents will be targeted by his office.

“The scary thing is those are the kids most at risk when somebody engages in medical exemption deception,” Herrera added.

Dr. Stoller’s attorney Richard Jaffe insists that his client has the right to practice medicine, and that patient confidentiality laws protect Dr. Stoller from having to turn this privileged information over to the state.

Once California has this information, individuals who chose not to vaccinate their kids could be the next to be targeted.

“We’re going to review the matter,” Jaffe said in an interview with the Sacramento Bee. “I don’t see how this has anything to do with the city of San Francisco. He’s a medical doctor giving advice to patients.”

“There are many doctors who thought that they had the ability under the law to do exactly what they’re doing — and now [state Sen. Richard] Pan is calling them fake exemptions,” Jaffe added.

The crackdown against religious and medical freedom continues, as government officials – who are often bankrolled by Big Pharma – work to crush individual rights to force chemicals into the bodies of unsuspecting children.

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