California Goes Full Race Hustler with Introduction of Reparations Task Force

On September 30, 2020, California Governor signed a bill that would create a government task force to study and build plans to dole out reparations for descendants of slaves.

The Washington Free Beacon provided some context to the passage of this bill:

Assembly Bill 3121 makes California the first state to form a task force charged with researching the effects of slavery and creating a plan for reparations. The law—which comes after a summer of racial unrest following the death of George Floyd in May—also requires the group to educate the public on California’s historical involvement with slavery and segregation.

For reparations to go out, subsequent legislation will be needed. This could manifest itself through cash payments or larger spending programs directed to black communities. The bill highlights how any state-funded reparation spending packages should not replace a federal reparations program.

California State Assemblywoman Shirley Nash Weber introduced the bill a few months ago.

Due to the racial unrest following the death of George Floyd, talk about reparations for blacks has become a mainstream talking point among academics and even some local officials. By law, regents at the University of California must carry out research on slavery and its residual effects. Asheville, North Carolina was one city that led the way back in July by approving legislation that increased funding for programs that incentivized black homeownership, which is considered a form of reparations.

Reparations has a dubious foundation given how the U.S. government has passed plenty of Great Society programs that are supposed to help blacks. Moreover, handouts to blacks would not address the core problems they face — single-parent households and epidemic levels of crime – which are largely the product of the modern-day welfare state.

Many boosters of reparations would do well to read up on the history of Black America before the welfare state, to see how this community thrived during a time when government was much smaller and allowed for Americans of all colors and creeds to thrive.

A sleeker government, not another wealth transfer program such as a reparations, is the key to mitigating tensions in America.

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