California Gov. Candidate Caitlyn Jenner Bashed Trump, Celebrated LGBT Agenda at 2020 Women’s March

California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner is being promoted by certain pro-MAGA personalities, but the transgender “female” has been a staunch opponent of former president Donald Trump’s policies for many years.

Video has surfaced of Jenner appearing before the 2020 Women’s March in Los Angeles hammering Trump and echoing left-wing talking points on a variety of social issues.

“In 2018, I did an op/ed piece for the Washington Post condemning the Trump administration for its handling on LGBT issues, and especially trans issues. It’s horrible,” Jenner said.

“Today, I stand before you humbled by the power of the movement I see right in front of me,” Jenner said to applause. “No politician, whether they are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, Independent, has the power that we have right here in front of me right now.”

Jenner is openly celebrating an LGBT movement that is grooming children for predators, drugging little kids, and telling them that genital mutilation is acceptable at the youngest of ages.

“We have the power to influence our communities, our families, our friends, and colleagues, and turn this country around,” he said. “Women will no longer be swept under the rug. The time is now.”

“It is damn time that we stop the slaughter of trans women of color. It is damn time for women to get equal pay for equal work. It is damn time that they hear our voice, and it is heard. We have an election in November. Mobilize, educate yourself, and vote your conscience,” Jenner added, echoing liberal talking points.

The clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on certain pro-MAGA personalities rallying around Jenner instead of fighting back against the transgender insanity that is enveloping society:

MAGA Incorporated, also sometimes referred to as Populist Inc., is apparently cashing out on a Caitlyn Jenner run for California governor.

The movement is getting ready to sell out on transgenderism as social media influencers get ready to line their pockets on this absurd and embarrassing side show…

Jenner’s candidacy, in addition to mainstreaming the twisted and perverted transgender lifestyle among the masses, is being run by Brad Parscale, the disgraced former Trump campaign manager who allegedly squandered hundreds of millions of dollars before his firing.

It has all the hallmarks of another MAGA Inc. scam featuring devious operatives who are lining their pockets with cash from Trump’s unsuspecting base.

Big League Politics has reported on how the California GOP is ground zero for the mainstreaming of transgender insanity within conservative politics.”

Weak conservatives rallying around Jenner are showing why conservatives have not conserved much of anything over the years. The MAGA movement will collapse with Jenner if this farce continues much longer.

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