California Governor Gavin Newsom Calls For a Ceasefire in Gaza

On March 22, 2024, California Governor Newsom stated that he backs President Joe Biden’s push for a ceasefire in Gaza, alluding to the “ongoing and horrific loss of innocent civilian life.”

“I support President Biden’s call for an immediate ceasefire as part of a deal to secure desperately needed relief for Gazan civilians and the release of hostages,” he stated in a letter directed to California’s Muslim, Palestinian American, and Arab American communities. “I also unequivocally denounce Hamas’s terrorist attack against Israel. It is time to work in earnest toward an enduring peace that will furnish the lasting security, autonomy, and freedom that the Palestinians and the Israeli people both deserve.”

Newsom’s statement came a day prior to the US’ plan of requesting the United Nations Security Council to support a ceasefire resolution.

“With Israel’s military campaign in Gaza turning into a quagmire, more leaders across the world are calling for the enactment of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

It’s good to see more sensible views on the Israel-Gaza begin to surface among elements of the ruling class. These calls should have been made much earlier. 

More importantly, US leaders need to be pushing for measures that restrict military aid to Israel and eventually make the US’s relationship with Israel more neutral in nature.

The US simply has to end its dangerous love affair with Israel lest it want to get wrapped up in a major military quagmire in the Middle East.

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