California Governor Gavin Newsom Plans on Spending 4.5 Million on Legal Aid for Illegal Alien Invaders

California is expected to spend $4.5 million on providing free legal assistance to illegal alien farm laborers per a plan put forward by Governor Gavin Newsom. Many of these illegal aliens are currently embroiled in labor investigations.

This new program consists of case review services, legal advice, and attorney representation. None of this will cost the illegal alien farm laborers a penny, per a press release announcing the pilot program.

In California, roughly half of farm laborers are illegal aliens. According to John Binder of Breitbart News, the pilot program to fund legal aid for those illegal aliens involved in farm labor investigations is just the latest program by Newsom to have California taxpayers subsidize legal services for illegal aliens.

Since 2015, California has doled out millions to lawyers working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that assist illegal aliens resist their deportation cases.

“These initiatives help advance equity, inclusion, and a level playing field for both workers and law-abiding employers,” the release noted. It added:

“The pilot [program] adds to California’s leadership in protecting immigrants and supporting immigrant talent, including increased access to health care, education, and other critical initiatives that help immigrant families be safe, thrive and grow the economy with their contributions.”

In 2022, California earned the dubious distinction of becoming the first state in the country to provide taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to its 3.3 million illegal alien residents. This has cost Golden State taxpayers roughly $2.4 billion yearly.

California is the poster child of what a post-national polity looks like. It should serve as a warning to all what happens when a country becomes monolithically blue. Multicultural insanity and anarcho-tyranny will only ensue.

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