California Governor To Make Authoritarian Move To Kick Trump Off of Ballot, Report Says

California Governor Trump Tax Returns

California Governor Gavin Newsom is reportedly set to sign legislation that will demand President Donald Trump’s tax returns in order for his name to be listed on the 2020 election ballot, essentially holding the 2020 election hostage to gain political points against the sitting president.

According to an exclusive report published by independent journalist and former Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali, Newsom is planning to hold the 2020 election hostage in exchange for President Trump’s tax returns.

From Ali’s article:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, my former boss, tells me that he has decided to sign a bill that would require all presidential and gubernatorial candidates to submit five years of tax returns in order to qualify for the primary ballot in California.

The bill, known as SB-27, passed the California Assembly and Senate earlier this month. The law would require candidates for U.S. president and California governor to submit their five most recent years of tax returns, with sensitive information like Social Security numbers redacted. The state would then publish those returns for the public to review. If a candidate for either of those offices refused to submit their returns, they would not be listed on the primary ballot.

This is unquestionably a bill directed toward and inspired by President Donald Trump’s refusal to release copies of his tax returns. When Newsom signs the bill today, California will become the first state to require such a disclosure by law.

Big League Politics has previously tracked the progress of SB-27, which until now has been stymied by Newsom’s apparent refusal to sign it. Ali’s report, however, would seem to indicate that the California governor is ready to hold the nation hostage to learn the contents of President Trump’s tax returns.

If passed, President Trump’s name would not appear on the primary ballots in the state unless he relinquishes his tax returns to the state government, which would then release them to the public.

Big League Politics reported:

Senate Bill 27 (SB 27) would force any presidential hopeful to release the previous five years of their federal income tax returns to the public. The bill was passed by the California Senate with a 27-10 vote on May 2.

With the Democrats’ Russian collusion conspiracy theory now completely debunked, this is the new scheme liberals are working as they attempt to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

“We believe that President Trump, if he truly doesn’t have anything to hide, should step up and release his tax returns,” said state Sen. Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg), a co-author of the bill.

The small number of Republicans elected to the California Senate objected to SB 27.

“I get that playing the resistance card may be good politics for the majority party, but I would submit that it’s bad policy for Californians,” Sen. Brian Jones (R-Santee) said.

If the bill is signed and becomes law, it would mark a stark change in American politics, where states are now allowed to meddle in national elections to score political points with their far left – or far right – constituents.

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