California Law Enforcement Warn About Fentanyl Pills Packaged in Candy Boxes at Los Angeles International Airport

California law enforcement authorities recently issued a warning to parents as Halloween approaches following the seizure of roughly 12,000 fentanyl pills packaged in prominent candy boxes at Los Angeles International Airport.

“With Halloween approaching, parents need to make sure they are checking their kids’ candy and not allowing them to eat anything until it has been inspected by them,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department declared in a press release. 

“If you find anything in candy boxes that you believe might be narcotics, do not touch it and immediately notify your local law enforcement agency,” the agency continued.

Per a report by Lorenz Duchamps at Epoch Times, this large fentanyl seizure occurred on October 19, 2022 after Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents apprehended a suspect who tried to blow past the airport’s security screening with multiple candy bags and other snacks. 

Once they inspected the packages, authorities “discovered that inside the ‘Sweetarts,’ ‘Skittles,’ and ‘Whoppers’ candy boxes were fentanyl pills,” the release noted.

The suspect drug trafficker fled the scene until law enforcement detained him. Officials reported that the suspect has now been identified and an investigation is currently being conducted. 

Duchamps noted how powerful fentanyl is compared to other drugs: 

Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid that is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine. As little as two milligrams is potentially enough to be lethal.

Mexican cartels have increasingly imported fentanyl from China before condensing it in pill form or mixing it into counterfeit pills that can pass as Adderall, Xanax, or oxycodone. From there, the drugs are sold to unsuspecting buyers stateside. 

Per DEA reports, the government agency conducted a joint enforcement operation where it seized over 10.2 million fentanyl pills in September and roughly 980 pounds of fentanyl powder during the period of May 23 up until September 8, 2022.

Officials noted that the amount of fentanyl seized in this period is roughly the equivalent to over 36 million lethal doses being removed from the illicit drug supply. 

Fentanyl is indeed the real WMD that our political class should actually be worrying about. Instead of trying to shore up our border defenses, the ruling class is more fixated on getting in geopolitical scuffles abroad. All while our border is getting Zerg Rushed by illegal alien invaders and being flooded with drugs that kill alarming numbers of Americans. 

It’s time that America gets its priorities straight and starts pursuing real national defense measures. 

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