California Man Arrested for Firebombing Republican Women’s Headquarters After Being Caught on Camera

A man has been arrested for a firebomb attack on the East Valley Republican Women federated offices in La Quinta, California that took place in May, with authorities apprehending 23-year old Carlos Espiru for the incident.

Espiru can be seen(allegedly) striking the Republican office’s windows with a baseball bat and shattering them before deploying an incendiary devices against the offices in surveillance camera footage of the crime.

The president of the East Valley Republican Women recounted arriving at the offices just moments after the thug had completed his political crime. “It’s just kind of that thing that hangs on to you and makes you feel not comfortable all the time, when you have something like that happen,” said Joy Miedece, the president of the club. “You’re violated, you’re absolutely violated.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Offices confirmed that an arrest had been made in the arson attack on Thursday. Espiru had reportedly become a suspect after his tweets alluding to political violence and his desire for arson were discovered by authorities.

Espiru is facing arson charges and is being held in a Riverside County jail on a bond of $1 million. If convicted of the charges, he could face a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

It appears even in California, left-wing political violence doesn’t always pay off.

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