California: Man Drives Car into Trump Caravan, Injures Two, Gets RELEASED from Custody

On Sunday afternoon a young man drove his car into a Trump caravan in Santa Maria, California, injuring two and damaging two other cars.

The Daily Mail says the suspect was 20-year-old Jacob Garza.

NewsChannel 3-12 describes the incident below:

Santa Maria police said the Trump rally was traveling westbound down Stowell Road around 2:10 p.m.

At the same time, a 20-year-old Santa Maria man was driving eastbound on Stowell when he made a U-turn and caught up with the rally, gesturing and shouting aggressively at participating vehicles. Officers said the man even threw bottles and other objects at drivers as he passed.

While the Trump rally continued west, the man suddenly turned from Stowell onto College Drive. Several minutes later, witnesses said they saw the man driving at high speeds on Speed Street back toward Stowell.

Video taken by bystanders at the scene shows the man accelerating through the stop sign at Speed Street and Stowell Road. He then drove straight into the path of the Trump parade and crashed into one car, causing it to collide with another nearby car.

The car Garza collided with had two passengers inside and rolled over on impact. One suffered a broken arm while the other suffered swelling on the arm.

Police arrested Garza but later released him from custody. It is unclear why.

Moreover, no major outlet has covered this story outside of the Daily Mail. But we all know that a Trump supporter hitting Biden supporters would receive widespread coverage.

Something like this did indeed happen back on October 31. Trump supporters in Texas sideswiped an SUV of Biden supporters who were antagonizing them during a “Biden bus tour.” Leftists made a huge stink about it, even though the police determined that the Biden supporters were the aggressors and thus at-fault:

Yet not a peep when Trump supporters are intentionally, indisputably targeted. Shame.

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