California Reparations Committee Projects that $569 Billion in Reparations is Owed to Black Residents

According to projections from a California task force reviewing the long-term effects that slavery and “systemic racism” have had on black residents, African descendants of slaves are owed $569 billion in reparations. 

The panel, made up of 9 members, reached the conclusion that black Californians whose ancestors resided in the US during the 19th century are owed $223,200 each because of housing discrimination practices carried out from 1933 to 1977, per a New York Times report.

The Reparations Task Force was created in 2020 after Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation dealing with the matter into law. The RTF is presiding over the largest reparations program in recent history. 

“We are looking at reparations on a scale that is the largest since Reconstruction,” Jovan Scott Lewis, a University of California, Berkeley professor and a member of the panel, said to the New York Times.

The task force is aiming to reduce the wealth gap between white and black Californians.

On a national level, black households enjoy a median wealth of $24,100, whereas the median wealth of white households is $188,200, per the most recent publication of the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances.

On top of housing discrimination, the panel is focusing on other areas such as mass incarceration, unjust confiscation of property, and the devaluation of black businesses and health care.

According to the New York Post, the nine panel members “can only make recommendations to the state.”

The California legislature will then have to contemplate on what to do with the recommendations and whether to throw political weight behind this proposal and use the power of the purse to dole out reparations to the descendants of black enslaved residents.

In addition, the panel is trying to determine how reparations would be distributed, which include direct cash payments, tuition or housing grants.

Overall, California’s political class is animated by an anti-white ethos. Reparations is merely a redistribution of resources from whites (a group the present Democratic Party hates) to blacks (a key constituency of the Democratic Party). This program is part and parcel of the post-national mindset that is characteristic of the Democratic Party. For the anti-white mob in this party, legacy Americans are a blight on the nation. 

Whatever checkered past blacks and whites have had, it’s time to move on. Reparations will only engender further racial animosity and lead to the veritable socio-political disintegration of the US.


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