California Set to Browbeat Christian Pastors with LGBTQ Resolution

The California legislature has made it clear that Christian teachings on sexuality aren’t appreciated in the Golden State, if a June legislative resolution is to be taken seriously.

California Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99 “asks” religious leaders and pastors operating in the state to “embrace the individual and social benefits of family and community acceptance” by repudiating what the legislature calls “conversion therapy.” The Democratic super-majority in the state legislature has attempted to outright ban what they define as conversion therapy before, running into constitutional roadblocks that stopped proposed legislation last year. 

The legislative resolution, which settles for merely “asking” religious leaders to drop their objections to homosexuality, appears to be the next best thing that California Democrats are being forced to settle for.

Statewide bans on conversion therapy, which is broadly interpreted by Democrats to entail any religious-based teaching against homosexual practices, have become popular in blue states in recent years. Democrats in New Jersey succeeded where their California peers failed, managing to pass legislation that outright criminalized “conversion therapy” last year. The legislation is facing legal challenges and will very possibly be overturned in the Supreme Court, but the dubious constitutionality of the law doesn’t seem to be stopping Democrats from other states from running with the idea.

California Democrats are only settling with the consolation prize of lecturing Christian pastors on their moral teachings out of necessity. Should they receive the green light needed from progressive judicial activists to outright criminalize religious teachings against homosexuality, it’s unlikely they’ll hesitate for more than a moment before bringing down the hammer on pastors, priests, rabbis and imams.

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