CANADA: Freedom Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Released From Custody With Curtailed Rights

David Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Canadian Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich was released from custody after a justice in Ottawa, Canada, overturned part of a different justice’s ruling.

Lich previously had been arrested on February 17th and was imprisoned after being denied bail.

According to CTV News Ottawa, Justice John Johnston claimed that the previous judge in Lich’s case had “erred when weighing the seriousness of Lich’s charges.” He further expressed concerns that the Canadian freedom movement organizer could end up in pre-trial custody for a longer period of time than any future sentence would have delivered.

Lich’s exit from the Canadian prison did not come without severe punishments and restrictions to her freedom. The Albertan resident was released on a CA$25,000 bond and made to leave Ottawa within 24 hours and Ontario within 72 hours. Under the Canadian government’s rules, Lich will only be allowed to return to the province in order to attend court or meet with her lawyers.

The Canadian protestor had previously drawn attention from freedom-lovers and the government alike after she organized a GoFundMe which successfully raised over $10 million to support demonstrators in the ‘Freedom Convoy.’ The Silicon Valley company acted swiftly, siding with the Canadian government’s movement against the demonstrators by refusing recipients the ability to cash in on any of the campaign’s donations.

Moves by actors to cripple the demonstrations expanded further. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to the protests by invoking emergency powers, effectively overthrowing all existing Canadian law in order to allow police to shut down dissent in an extremely draconian fashion.

The scenes at the demonstrations grew chaotic, especially towards they came to an end as a result of brutal government crowd-control and arrests. One infamous clip showed a harrowing incident in which Canadian police on horseback appeared to intentionally trample over a frail and defenseless woman.

Conditions for Lich’s release largely curtail her ability to speak freely, arguably violating what was once considered to be a basic human right. The Canadian government has barred her from using social media, contacting several other leaders involved in the pro-freedom demonstrations, and even from protesting against any type of Covid-19 mandate.

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