Canada Plans on Increasing Immigration to Alarming Levels

Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister of Canada, recently put forward an ambitious immigration plan that could fundamentally transform Canada’s population demographics.

By 2025, Fraser has stated that the Canadian regime plans on adding 1.45 million permanent resident migrants for the ostensive purpose of addressing a significant labor shortage. According to Joe Guzzardi of Progressives for Immigration Reform, there are allegedly 1 million vacant Canadian jobs

Fraser declared, “Make no mistake. This is a massive increase in economic migration to Canada.” Fraser’s new plan projects that 465,000 foreign nationals will arrive in 2023. These numbers are expected to climb upwards to 500,000 in 2025. For perspective, 405,000 permanent residents were admitted into Canada. 

Fraser alluded to an aging Canadian population and a low birth rate as to why Canada must increase its migration rate. The Canadian Immigration Minister believes that without immigration, Canada would have insufficient resources to fund schools, hospitals, and other crucial services. 

Canada’s relatively lax immigration policy has facilitated a significant increase in the country’s population. In 2021, Canada’s population grew to 37 million people, which marks a 5.2% increase from 2016, which was largely propelled by immigration, per official government data. The downtowns and suburbs of major metro areas have witnessed the largest population growth rates. 

From 2016 to 2021, Canada added 1.8 million people. Roughly 80% of the new Canadian residents came from abroad. Figures from Statistics Canada (StatsCan) outlined in its Census 2021 release showed that Canada is the fastest growing nation in the G7. Roughly 90% of new immigrants went to urban centers, per Statscan’s figures. In the five-year time period that StatsCan studied, Toronto’s population grew by 16.1%, Montreal grew by 24.2%, and Vancouver grew by 7.4%. 

Undoubtedly, this immigration plan will not only demographically transform Canada but it will also make it unaffordable for Canadians who want to raise families to live in. From its heavy-handed response to the Wuhan virus pandemic to the way it handles immigration, Canada’s ruling class is making the country less appealing to red-blooded Canadians after each passing day. At this juncture, Canadians may find more freedom by heading south to the United States.

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