Canada’s Trudeau Pushing “Assault-Style” Gun Ban After Mass Shooting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging to outright ban what he calls “assault-style” weapons after a mass shooting in Nova Scotia with at least 23 fatalities.

Trudeau had pushed the gun control proposal previously, pushing for its implementation before the global coronavirus pandemic took up the political discussion. The rampage, which appears to be the worst mass shooting in Canadian history, has brought it back up to prominence.

Trudeau confirmed “we have every intention of moving forward on that measure[gun control], and potentially other measures, when parliament returns” when speaking at the Canadian government’s Monday coronavirus press briefing.

However, Canadian police haven’t even confirmed if the Nova Scotia gunman, Gabriel Wortman, was using a rifle when he killed 23 people during an all-night rampage between Saturday and Sunday. Wortman elaborately disguised himself as a police officer, even going so far as to create a mock police car in order to pull people over to be executed.

Wortman was finally neutralized when he was cornered by real Canadian police at a gas station, who took him out after a brief firefight.

Canadian police don’t typically carry rifles, and it seems more likely than not that Wortman used a handgun in his crimes. This would mean Trudeau would be calling to ban a weapon that Wortman didn’t even use in his running crime spree.

Magazine capacity for rifles is already restricted to five rounds under Canada’s strict gun laws. Trudeau’s planned gun ban would eliminate possession of AR-style rifles entirely.

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