Canadian Government is Funding Plan to Fight Online “Disinformation”

Canada’s Heritage Ministry recently announced a $2.4 million plan to fight “harmful online disinformation.”

The Heritage Ministry released a statement declaring that the project’s goal is to promote “civic, news, and digital media literacy through funding third-party educational activities and programming to help citizens become resilient against disinformation.”

Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez stated that the Canadian government took it upon itself to launch this prophecy in order to “have a common set of facts.”

 “These projects will give Canadians skills and tools to tell fact from fiction online. We live and work better as a society when we have a common set of facts,” Rodriguez added.

This money will be allocated towards 11 projects, which include Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University, Toronto Metropolitan’s Leadership Lab, Concordia’s Project Someone. Some of the other organizations that will receive government funds are Digital Public Square, DisinfoWatch, and CIVIX.

These organizations will be active on online platforms to talk about disinformation and create online courses and podcasts on online disinformation. 

Dan Frieth of Reclaim the Net noted that the Canadian government is “looking to pass several internet censorship laws, most notably, Bill C-11, which amends the Broadcasting Act and will result in user-generated content being regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).”

Further, the Canadian government is in conversations with a panel of 12 “experts” to help craft a law that will tackle the subject of “online harms.”

Canada is a country that doesn’t have the type of robust free speech protections like the United States. As a result, its government has more leeway in infringing on people’s right to free speech. In the US case, Big Tech has to act as a private arm of the managerial regime to carry out this anti-freedom agenda. 

Nevertheless, the threats of free speech restrictions are  a harsh reality on the North American continent. 

Americans have every reason to pay attention to what’s going on in the Great White North. What starts there politically could likely make its way down to the US. 

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