Canadian Government Rolls Out First Phase of “Assault Rifle” Confiscation Program

The Canadian government recently proceed to roll out its plan to confiscate roughly 11,000 “assault rifles.”

During a press briefing on April 26, 2023, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said the plan will be the first stage of a program designed to compensate lawful gun owners and businesses who turn over lawfully purchased firearms that are now prohibited under the ban.

“We made a commitment to those law-abiding gun owners who had bought these firearms when they were legal, that they would be fairly compensated,” Mendicino stated.

To carry out the program in the most efficient fashion, Public Safety Canada hammered out a $700,000 agreement with the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association.

“Working with Public Safety Canada, the CSAAA has already identified approximately 11,000 assault-style firearms, including parts and components, within the existing inventory of firearms vendors across the country,” Mendicino stated.

“These are the first assault-style firearms bought back under the program, and show that we’re moving forward with this landmark federal initiative.”

Mendicino stated that the government is working with retailers to streamline the process of confiscation now-illegal firearms, expected to begin later in 2023.

The second phase of this program, Mendicino said, would shift the program’s focus to individual firearm owners.

“We’re currently working with many partners to develop this program, which will be implemented in close coordination with law enforcement and other partners,” Mendicino noted.

The announcement of the Canadian government’s gun-grabbing proposals Is just the latest move by the Trudeau government to destroy what very little is left of gun rights. These proposals are focused on Bill C-21.

Canada is a hub of technocratic tyranny. So it’s expected to push such measures that destroy gun rights. At this point, Canadians will need to move to red states in the US to enjoy any semblance of gun rights. This country is simply a place where freedoms go to die.

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