Canadian Member of Parliament Urges Canadian Government to Condemn Tucker Carlson for His Anti-Trudeau Comments

Matthew Green, a Canadian Member of Parliament of the New Democratic Party, failed to persuade the Canadian House of Commons to condemn remarks made by Fox New host Tucker Carlson. During an interview with academic David Azerrad, Carlson called for the US to invade Canada, which would result in the deposition of the Justin Trudeau regime. 

A New Democrat MP has failed to convince the House of Canada to condemn comments made by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who called for the invasion of Canada during a recent interview with Montreal-born academic David Azerrad. Carlson called for the Trudeau government to be toppled.

“Why should we sit back and let our largest trading partner, the country with which we share the longest border, and a great country — I’ve always loved Canada, because of its natural beauty, why should we let it become Cuba? Why don’t we liberate it? And I mean it,” Carlson stated during the interview.

Green initially pursued a unanimous motion in the House of Canada to “condemn recent comments by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson in which he suggests US armed forces ‘liberate’ Canada from the current prime minister.”

Green declared that Carlson’s statements were an example of “far-right violent extremism.” The proposal was scuttled by predominantly Conservative Party opposition in the House. 

In response to Green’s motion, Carlson stated that freedom-loving Canadians have all fled the country, thereby leaving the rest in what is a veritable tyranny commandeered by Trudeau. 

“Canada under Justin Trudeau has become, effectively, a dictatorship. And we don’t like dictatorships, we’re America. We liberate dictatorships. That’s what we do,” he declared.

Carlson said that his remarks were a “fair question” and added that he believed Canadians would be “flattered” due to how “they’re always flattered when you talk about them.”

“If you do a Canada joke on TV, they go absolutely crazy. They don’t know how to handle it, or what it means. But it doesn’t matter, they’re excited. And that’s true even in the Canadian Parliament.”

“Apparently there’s so little going on in Canada, like civil liberties, that if you tell a joke about Canada, they go bonkers,” Carlson added. 

Carlson said that he wasn’t calling for US armed forces to invade. “Don’t flatter yourself… We wouldn’t need the armed forces,” he said in a concluding remark.

Carlson’s remarks were clearly in jest but for butthurt Canadians and other folks on the Left, they were probably too far.  Canada is a safe space for multicultural despotism. Under the Trudeau regime, its descent into tyranny has accelerated at alarming rates. At this point, freedom-loving Canadians should consider moving to pro-freedom red states in the US.

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