Canadian NGO is Promoting Campaign to Compel White Canadians to Pay “Rent” to First Nations Communities

Thanks to the efforts of a non-profit program, Reciprocity Trusts, residents of British Columbia may now be able to pay “rent” to First Nations communities simply for living or working on territory that was allegedly “stolen” from them. 

As Anya Zoledziowski of VICE News observed, this is “part of a new initiative that encourages people to “decolonize their backyards.”  According to Zoledziowski, Reciprocity Trusts, “encourages homeowners, renters, and business owners to make payments to First Nations on whose territory they live or work.”

“The idea for Reciprocity really came from conversations with Indigenous colleagues and friends over many years,” stated Sarah Reid, the program director for Reciprocity Trust. “We were hearing from Indigenous people who are impacted by ongoing colonialism in their day-to-day lives. So we asked, ‘Well, what can I do in my own life as a settler in these lands?’”

The payments can be determined through property values or monthly rents. The initiative calls on renters to pay a sum that makes up 1% of their monthly rent, while homeowners are encouraged to pay 1% of their property taxes monthly. Businesses are called on to pitch in 1% of their profits.

Per figures from Naomi Devine, Reciprocity Trust’s strategic advisor, the average homeowner in Victoria, British Columbia would have to pay $400 annually. 

This initiative came about after the discovery of alleged mass graves on the grounds of a former residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia. This galvanized the radical Left to commit acts of vandalism and gratuitous violence nationwide. 

Now, the Canadian Left is stressing the need for a new discussion on race relations in Canada. In the view of some leftists, especially those at Reciprocity Trusts, the way Canadians can make up for their “oppressive” history is to pay reparations to the First Nations community. At Reciprocity Trusts’ website, it stated “British Columbians can start saying thank you for over 150 years of rent-free living by paying a little back each year.” For reference, Canada became a confederation in 1867

From the outset, 85% of the proceeds will go to independent trusts that the First Nations are in charge of. Then the remaining proceeds will be used to cover Reciprocity Trusts’ operating costs. 

This is the first step towards normalizing state-based reparations programs in Canada. The Left has learned that the private and NGO sectors are willing to play ball with its culturally radical plans. Hence, their use of private programs as springboards for even larger ventures further down the line. 

Americans should be looking at what’s happening in Canada with interest. Canada is a major trendsetter for multicultural projects and what starts there, generally spreads to other countries in the Anglosphere and the broader West. Americans on the Right can no longer pretend that “tyranny can’t happen here,” when their neighbor up north is descending into a multicultural dystopia.

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